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Good morning, shopping friends. It is a very cool and rainy day here. I didn't sleep well last night because of leg pain but finally went asleep to awake at the last ringing of the alarm before it went into snooze mode. That is a rare event for me, but I rushed to put out all the trash bags I'm permitted to put out. Time will tell if the trash is picked up. It has been first one excuse then another. It varies from not having enough help to driver having knee issues to trouble with the trash truck.

I did watch the Morning Show or whatever it is called now. I really liked those Denim & Co. capris with the buttons and was tenpted. I have the plain version and also have it in the crop length. As a result, I did not order. I don't need that many clothes in the summer as I don't venture out that much to require better clothes. The crops, etc. are still in excellent condition with two pair unworn which I got on sale at the end of the season last year. I do know that the TSV definitely does not appeal to me.

I'll be doing odds and ends around the house today, alternating with some dvd watching. I can't do housework, etc. non-stop like some can. I do need to go to the Post Office and pick up my last QVC order....and last order from any source, which is a set of two Whirlybirds to replace the aging cardinal and blue jay which have served me well.

Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely!

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