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Good morning, shoppers! The South is being blanketed by snow and ours is expected to arrive late tonight. A little countdown thing told me that it is 69 days until Spring. The Winter is too, too long. Last year we didn't have much of a Spring. The calendar said it was Spring but the conditions outside said otherwise.

I'm watching the Morning Show right now. I have no desire to shop. I definitely don't need the TSV. I tried Breezies twice; no go. I get my Bali bras from OneHanesPlace; they fit fabulously and the low price on sale and the low or no shipping at times makes it the place to go for my bras. I just got a shipment in December on a sale and no shipping. I'm well stocked.

I haven't had any energy to see if I can find a $20 bill, etc. hidden in the sofa. Who loses that type of money in a sofa? Whatever, there is no $20 bill alert calling out to me. I have the five easy pays upon request still going unused. Right now, I have no need to use it. I always get those when I have no need for them.

I was reading the thread again about going without a clothing purchase for a year. I think we could if we had to but would we want to? I saw the thread about the Tig TSV; of course, I had to read it despite not needing another handbag.

I have gone 9 days without a purchase. Resistance is not futile! I'm trying to focus upon needs and not wants for the month. Remember that $20 bill alert with shipping and handling plus tax is likely more like $30. Do one of those once a week, and you have spent $120 in a month or around $1440 a year. Those $20 bill alerts can really add up.

Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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