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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Hope everyone is having a pleasant day and pausing to thank all of those who died serving this country.


It is another hot and dry day here with a high of 94 degrees predicted.  I made the mistake of taking my walk a little later this morning, and it was getting a bit too hot for me.  I think that with age I am more sensitive to changes in the weather -- hot or cold.  I noticed this happened to my older relatives, but hoped it wouldn't happen to me.  Oh well, I can usually work around it by either turning up or down the thermostat and avoiding going outdoors much when it is too hot or cold for me.  Thus, take early walks in the summer and later in the day in the cooler months.


I had zero plans to shop today, but found a shovel that I had been considering for a few years on a pretty good sale today -- M65692 Spear Head Gardening Spade & Shovel.   Not a fashion item, but still a "want" rather than a need one.  


Glenda's story about her bf's husband has been on my mind.  While I know everyone is different, and this may not be true of her friend, I think she might be helped by talking about her feelings to her pastor and/or a trained counselor.   This has been true of some of my Caregiver friends whose relatives died under horrible circumstances.  In the meantime, I want you to know that I am praying for all of you, Glenda.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day.  Please post if you have a chance.






ETA -- Thinking of Fressa's wildlife.  Our neighborhood association just posted a warning for pet owners that a good-sized mountain lion just jumped over a neighbors wall on the next street.  A wall or fence around the yard wouldn't help protect pets, particularly smaller pets.

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Linda L, thanks for your kind words.  Their first pastor has been to see her twice and will be doing the service maybe Friday or Saturday.   Both of their dd's live 2 blocks away & 10 minutes away so they spent part of yesterday looking at pic's.  She is going to one of their homes for a cookout tonight.  We are picking up 1/2  of a side of beef tomorrow from a meat locker in her hometown, so we will see her then.  I also do my walk before it's too hot for me.  When it's too cold for me, I stay home.


While my bf's dd's were there yesterday, a lady from the NH said she was packing up Ken's things, sending them to the house and was covering up the reason for death.  Then the undertaker called and said that he thinks he was dead for 10 hours before being discovered.  My bf is beside herself as she only got to see him for 20 minutes on Wed and they are now letting you come in more often.  To top it off she put him to this facility to keep him safe.  Never did we think that things would happen this way.


It's 70° today and going to be in the 80's by mid week.  I did my walk after lunch and it was very nice.  My DH met me downtown and we took our mopeds back to my family's cemetery.  It's so much easier than doing it on foot.  We have decided that from now on, we will be doing it this way.


We stopped at the Memorial place a couple of blocks away to look at a few marble stones and benches, but they are on vacation all week.  We were going to buy our lots and marble marker last year, but the Pandemic took care of that idea, so we are doing it next week.  


It's hot tub time.  Nothing much going on around here.

Hugs to all of you.


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Hello and a Good Memorial Day to you Linda @LindaLatte  and all who follow.  My sister and I ate dinner outside and got cold, so we moved into the family room and are watching an all day X-files event on Comet TV.  I'm upstairs checking on my sparrow Presto.  Presto is fine, just needy and she was chirping alot when she didn't see me for a couple of hours.


Yesterday I had lots of yardwork and general garage/patio tidying in preparation for my get together with my sister today.  It's ironic that we are inside because it's chilly.  I am grateful for the sacrifice of our service members.

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Greetings to each and everyone of you on this Memorial Da...

Greetings to each and everyone of you on this Memorial Day. Thank you, Linda for starting the thread.


It is finally a sunny afternoon here with temps climbing back to the 70 range. It certainly makes for a better day and also for motivation.


I've been shredding and sorting. Tomorrow,  I go for grocery pickup at WalMart On Wednesday, I have that mysterious doctor's appointment which my Primary scheduled out of the blue.


Shopping? Nothing fashion related but I did buy a roll on of my favorite treatment for pain today.

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