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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Another warm/hot day here with a high of 97 degrees predicted.  I know some of you would be happy to have these temperatures, but others would be totally upset.  I hope the weather where you live is good.


It was pretty nice on my walk this morning, and I plan to do my "strong bones" workout a little later.  Nothing else of note.  My bookclub has decided against holding any meetings this summer due to a combination of trying to keep up social distancing and the fact that several people will be going to their homes in other areas (to beat the heat).


My Road Scholar trip to Utah in September is still on for the moment, but I am not counting on it.  I heard a recommendation that one take a road trip (rather than fly) this summer, but I don't think I'm cut out for a solo road trip at this time in my life. 


The TSV looks like a pretty good deal if you would get some use out of all three shirts.  That would not happen in may case since I don't remember ever wearing a plain white T-shirt.  I like them on some people, but simply not good on me.   Hope any of you who order enjoy them every much.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Linda, I am in agreement with you on the TSV. I just don't wear white shirts.

I had written a long reply on my cell but it disappeared as I was preparing the ending. When the site reloaded, the info was not available as it often is on my laptop. I am fine to summarize that part of the reply.
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Hi Everyone!


It's our last semi cool day and then we are in the heat. UGH!!! I'm testing my memory and doing all the things my Grandmother did before we had a/c. The dogs and I have a long wait for the real thing so we are just trying to make the best of it.  The sun is out and that's good for the flowers. My weeding is behind but my watering is good. LOL 


I have to admit that the TSV caught my eye. I didn'tt order because I like my t shirts a bit longer or  tunic length. I carry my weight in my front and that length in the front is tricky for me. Sounds like a good deal if it works for you. I know quite a few have requested shorter length tops.


Our female dogs "boo-boo" is healing. She pulled the bandage off today which is a record length of time that it's been on.  I used bandades and self stick guaze medical bandage combo this time. I think that combo is a "keeper". It looked fairly healed but she has a small blister on the top pad so I thought I should protect it for a few more days. We're breathing a sigh of relief.


Today I'm washing quite a few loads of towels, outside work clothes and sofa covers. The dogs got their baths on Saturday.  I finally found the combo of shampoo and conditioner that works for each one. At least I can purchase all of them at Petco. Our favorite pet store closed last year. I didn't find too many pet stores in the area. 


Stay safe & comfy. Have a good afternoon/evening.