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I am still recovering from last week's activities.  Christmas day lunch was nice at my bil and sil's home.  On Thursday we went to Janesville (about 45 minutes away) & shopped at Big Lots and Dollar Tree.  Lots of good bargains for Christmas prizes for the games that we play here.  Then we went to Fazioli's for lunch and shared the $6.00 lunch. I had the garden side salad and my DH had the spaghetti and meat sauce.


On Friday I went to the funeral of a former co-worker from the first job.  Lots of people that I knew.


On  Saturday I had lunch with a co-worker from my last job.


Yesterday my DH & I went to my cousin's husbands celebration of life ceremony.  It was our first ever funeral for former police officer.  He was a retired homicide police officer.  Very touching and there were quite a few police officers & retired first responders there.  It was very touching when they presented his wife with the folded flag.  I was so glad that my brother and 6 of my 2nd cousins came too.I


It's a cloudy cool day.  We got spoiled with our sunny mild weather.  


We just came back from the senior center.  We signed up at the Wellness Center for one year.  It's only $150 for both of us.  I will mostly use the recumbent bikes while my DH enjoys a variety of things.  


I am trying to get in a little more exercising  & watching what I am eating.  I have labs/Dr. 6 month checkup in 11 days and I want to make my GP happy 😀😀😀.  It's taken a lot of self control.  If I 👀👀👀 it, I will eat it.  I bought my DH some SF cookies and a fruitcake for 1/2 price  this afternoon and told him to hide them in his "man cave fridge."


 I did no baking before Christmas so I promised him a few goodies and a dip that we both like in a couple of weeks.  


We are going out for dinner with friends tomorrow night and then we will play cards.  Then we will usher in the New Year in the hot tub with a Wine Cooler.  


The excitement here is that I just got a 3 month mail order of Uloric for $20.88.  It's usually over $200.00.  My Xarelto is due to arrive tomorrow for $67 instead of the $337 that I paid 3 months ago.  Of course I was in the "donut hole." Next month I have to go to a different rx plan because this plan will not pay for Uloric.  What a racket!


Dinner is pork chops and yams.