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Good morning, shopping friends. I'm not working today so I am in the midst of discovering what can leave the house. Christmas is rapidly approaching but it isn't something I get excited about.


When I was very young, I remember it as a time that my father was guaranteed to get drunk and make life miserable for the rest of us. Later, he overcame that habit but memories of childhood still linger.  Getting together with the family elsewhere was guaranteed to create stress. 


I like that faux suede jacket with shearling trim but there is just a little too much trim. A374139. I don't need it so I can easily pass.  


I am charging my air pressure gadget now. I have two tires that need a little air, so I will take care of that this afternoon. 


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Hello Jean @KonaKat   Negative childhood experiences have a way of leaving a mark.  I have an uncle who is still living that I put up with for years because he was my Ma's baby brother and could basically be forgiven anything by my Ma.  I can't count how many Christmas Eves and New Year's Eves he'd ruin by coming over drinking (he brought his own) and then get into his woe is me, nobody understands me BS.


I never could understand my Ma's devotion to him.  Over the years me and my sisters have checked each other with a comment like try a new story cuz I was there for the one you're telling now Woman Very Happy


Once Ma passed I was free.  I'm not disrespectful - I avoid him like ebola. 


I don't know what it is about holidays and special occasions that bring out the nonsense in some people.

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Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Sorry you have those difficult childhood memories.  I do remember some of my relatives drinking quite a bit, but they were not combative or anything.  But, my parents families always seemed to be having some sort of "feud".  We would visit relatives and have them over for a while, and then it would just stop.  It was pretty confusing to me.  


I'm sure you will find some items to donate and get the air in your tires.  


It is much cooler here today, and the are expecting a hard freeze tonight.  So, I have my plant covers at the ready.  DD's area was having some snow, but no ice when we spoke.


That is some story about your Uncle, Bernie.  I would avoid him as well.  The ebola remark is funny.  Those sob stories are hard to take.


Speaking of which, I was talking to my "boss" at the senior lunch program about one of the ladies who told some frightening stories about her lack of money, etc., at the volunteer party, and my boss said that the lady is known for twisting the truth at times.  I am sort of glad that things are probably not as bad as she said.


I had "strong bones" this morning, and then went to have my eyeglasses adjusted a bit.  My nose was sore (actually red, etc.) from the nose pieces.  The nice lady changed the pieces out, and they feel much better.  


Then, I went to the UPS store to send a package (defective charger) back to Amazon.  The store, which is usually isn't crowded at all, had lines back to the door and curving around.  The man behind me had a cane and was wearing a Vietnam Veterans hat, and three of us (the two ladies in front of me and me) started talking with him.  All three of us had brothers who served in Vietnam and there was a lot of swapping of stories.  Anyway, that certainly made the time waiting in line pass pleasantly.  He was a very nice man, as were the two ladies.


I checked and the pharmacy had the new shingles vaccine, so I went up and got my second shot.  Hope I don't have a bad reaction this time.  Then, I went to Wal Mart to pick up more salt for my water softener (I had let it get way too low) as well as pick up some other items.  The store was very busy -- I think there is a lot of shopping going on.


Other than "needs" and a few things for the food bank at Wal Mart, I didn't buy anything of note.  I did purchase an Amazon gift card for my youngest GS who turns 22 at the end of this month (30th).  He is such a great guy. 


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.