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Good Morning/Afternoon!  It continues to be cooler here in Arizona (high of 92 predicted), and there is a chance of rain again.  The weather was very nice on my walk this morning.


Very sorry the cooktop project has started off poorly, Bernie.  I hope you find a plumber who can straighten out things, and you will be able to continue your work.  Interestingly enough, DD cannot have her old dishwasher removed until the plumber comes to install the new one, and the new one must be delivered first.  They told her to keep the new dishwasher in the kitchen area (rather than the garage), so she needs to move her kitchen table into a different room.  


I finally found a taker for my hearing aid batteries which I no longer need with the new aids.  I had put them up on the neighborhood website, and kept having people say they were interested, but not show up.  


My new carpet is supposed to arrive in the warehouse today, and it should be installed on Wednesday -- hope that happens.  I decided to start moving things out of the two rooms to be carpeted, and found even more things to donate and trash.  Doing all this reminded me that I don't need any more shoes or sandals or clothing for that matter.  While I don't regret ordering the SG pants on sale with free S&H, I have decided that enough is enough.  Hopefully, I will stick to this promise to myself regardless of sales and/or beautiful new items presented here or elsewhere. 


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Hi Everyone!

More rain today and in the 70's. We have a mix of temps 70-80's for this week. That will still be a welcomed relief from the 90's and humidity. I don't know how some of  you tolerate the heat when it gets to the 100 plus. Low humidity or not is hot. My friend lives in S.C. and she said that you adjust once you've been there for a while,. I would need to be in Alaska to have my ideal temp. LOL


Bernie: Sorry to hear about your DIY project going off the rails. One project leadsto another project, etc. I've have bery few projects that ever went as planned. Hopefully, the plumber will show and everything will fall into place. I will cross my fingers for a good outcome.


It seems that I bruised my thumb with the weekend decluttering. It's swollen and purple so I'm just doing laundry today.  Honestly, I do bruise easy so I no longer worry about it.


LindaLatte-I'm excited for your new carpet. Good that you found a few items to donate so less to move back into the room. It will be so nice for you when it's installed. 


So far.....the only clothing item that I couldn't resist were 2 pair of Stan Herman pajamas. I'm doing so much better than last year. I was tempted but I know I have enough clothing and it just needs to be decluttered and put in the proper bins. I'm not starting that closet project until I'm finished with the first round in the Holiday storage room. Having multiple rooms in disaray drives me crazy so I can't wait until I have order again. LOL


Have a good afternoon/evening. 

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Hi Linda @LindaLatte   my sense of humor came in handy with the first plumber I contacted this morning.  I reached out via online form to this plumber yesterday and summarized work in a couple of sentences.  Received an email from them stating to call tomorrow (that would be today) after 8:30 am.  I reached out by phone at 8:35 am, gave my name and number and quick summary of what I need done/inspected.


An hour later Kim returned my call.  This plumber has links that show the master plumber licenses and insurance licenses etc.  Their website describes every kind of water and gas pipe installation that can be performed in modern society.


Kim puts me on hold and then comes back and says that they would need to send a plumber to evaluate the work since they don't do things like that very often.  Mind you this is what I asked - disconnect gas cooktop and check out black pipe leading to gas main for damage. 


When I asked how much it was going to cost me Kim advised $95 for the first half hour and $144 per hour after that.  She was quick to let me know the $95 would be deducted from the overall bill.


I thanked Kim for returning my call and advised that it would not be necessary to send a plumber to my home.  She seemed surprised by that and said Oh?


I said, your website promotes that your master plumbers have the skill set to lay in and replace pipe for every conceivable gas and water related situation in creation and you're telling me that a master plumber will need to stare at my cooktop connection for what I am sure will be more than 30 minutes to decide if they have the skill set to disconnect the gas line?  Woman Tongue


The next plumber I called returned my call rather quickly.  I learned from the first and said sir, are you on a phone that can accept texts?  He said yes.  I said I have a before and after photos that I need you to look at, may I send them to you?  He said yes.  I sent the photos and then asked, do you have the skill set to disconnect this gas range, install an appliance gas shutoff in the line and inspect/possibly replace the black pipe that goes through the kitchen floor?


He says, yes I do that.  He and I talked a bit and he will be coming on Thursday between 1 and 3.  He's the one with the master plumber license and he prices by job and said under $200.  I asked if that included the pipes/shutoff and he said whole 9 yards.


I had an epiphany this morning that I wished I would have had yesterday morning.  I should have put a wood shim on either side of the pipe along the floor of the cabinet which would have kept the darn pipe from moving.  Oh well, live and learn.  I'm paying $200 to get a darn cooktop disconnected and another pipe straightened out.  I'm still gonna have to install the new one myself Woman Indifferent

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Greetings, everyone. Today was a cloudy with rain day with more expected the rest of the week. The rain always causes my arthritis to act up so it has been an uncomfortable night and day.


Linda--I do hope your carpet installation goes well. I have been thinking along the same lines as you that enough is enough. I did send the Dennis Basso coat back for an exchange in black, but I didn't really need it as my black faux leather could have lasted another year.


Bernie--I do admire you DIY abilities as well as your ability to confront people who seemingly can't deliver what is promised. I do hope the person you found to do the job measures up to your expectations. I still haven't seen any birds around my feeder but perhaps they know not to announce their presence.


Fressa--Sorry about the bruised thumb. If you are like me, you bruise easily and have no idea how it happened. Laundry is a good chore to accomplish on a rainy day. Enjoy your Stan Herman pajamas! Yes, you are doing a great job in controlling the types of purchases.


I didn't accomplish much today as I didn't feel very motivated with the rain. I accomplish wonders when it is sunny. I did make a run to the drugstore to get a refill that is essential, and I also got in a total of 60 minutes of exercise. Now, this is funny! I looked online to see where my storage cubes were in the shipping process. They have the expected arrival date to be one day before it was shipped.

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