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Good morning, shopping friends. I'm watching IM as I pay bills. I also called the cardiology practice to reschedule an appointment as they decided to take Good Friday off, a day I'm not working. I was able to get it rescheduled to the following Monday, the same day I already had an appointment with the urologist to schedule another cystoscopy.


The price is certainly good on the TSV but I am trying not to buy  things at thiis point unless a necessity. I need to get my hearing aids replaced which is an out of pocket expense. I do fine with the TV, etc. but there are certain frequencies I don't hear well as well as whispering.


When I get my energy back, I'll return to decluttering but right now, it is an effort to adjust to the time change plus I am wiped out from all the activity.  In the meantime, this link to a decluttering article might be of help to some:


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Good Morning Jean @KonaKat   it sounds like the Monday following Easter will be a busy and perhaps not so fun day for you.  It's a good idea to rest after the long distance travel.


I read the article that you linked and I'm happy to report that I do several of these.  


I had my annual appointment with my endocrinologist this morning (for my thyroid).  Honestly I have to wonder about the assistants/techs or whatever they are called who take your BP and key in stuff at the computer when you are in the room with them.


I've always been honest about any supplements that I take.  Today the girl says are you still taking cocamide?  I told her 3 things:  I've never heard of it.  What is cocamide?  Who in the heck said I was taking it?


The girl took it off the chart.  Now that I am home I looked it up and it's something that's put in foaming bath wash.  Apparently it's dangerous.


So I have to ask myself how in the hel* I would get my hands on something that is dangerous and used as an additive for foaming bath wash?


I think the girl last year didn't know how to spell circumin and just picked cocamide.  


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 Bernie--it is always good to check the accuracy of meds and supplements. I think your hunch is correct that the person chose the wrong thing. Good job on doing several of those tips already.


I just made an appointment with Costco in Columbus, Ohio for the hearing aids. They did the last ones 5 years ago and did a great job. I will drive 2 hours one way to save 2 to 3 thousand dollars over what they cost here.  I did a chat online with them with the chat ending like this:


Dionna P.: You’re welcome. Have a beautiful day and be the reason someone smiles today. Thank you for reaching out to Costco via chat.


More customer service should be this customer friendly.


Off to the Post Office to pick up two weeks of mail.

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Good morning everyone, Jean - thanks for starting us off today.  Hope you're catching up on your rest, and that the next cystoscopy goes well..  Getting the hearing aids at Costco sounds like a good plan.  Bernie - it doesn't give you a lot of confidence in a doctor's office when you catch them making mistakes, does it?  My doctor's office makes a lot of little mistakes, and you have to ask yourself if they're also capable of making BIG mistakes!!!


I hadn't previously mentioned that a week ago my DD and I went out of town for two days for a horse eventing competition.  It's like going on a picnic, but having horses run by jumping fences, lol.  Lots and lots of money at those things. We did see one mind-boggling thing.  On a different section of the property a girl's soccer competition was going on.  Afterwards, for some unknown reason, a big family group from the soccer area decided to cut through the cross country event.  I guess someone was going to get their car(s) and pick them up on the bordering road.  I don't know.  But these idiots ran out onto the course one or two at a time, squealing and laughing.  It was dangerous to them, to the horses, and to the riders.  I've never seen anything like it.  Officials did go to them and yell at them, but since the family didn't speak much English, I'm not sure how much good it did.  You can't fix stupid.  


Other than that, I've been doing a lot of yard work and a lot of reading.  I also continue to get my steps in and have lost a couple more pounds.As far as shopping goes - I've bought quite a few used books, but haven't bought any clothes or jewelry at all.  So, overall I've been pretty good.  


Waves to all  ~  Charlene

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Like you, I thought the TSV was selling for a good price, but I'm trying to resist.  So far, so good.  I don't wear dresses that often plus, I am afraid it would be too short on me since I do not like showing my knees.  


I was going to ask how long you had your hearing aids before reading your second post.  When I got mine (will be two years this August), the audiologist said that they are always making changes, and that I would probably want a newer version in three years when my insurance will help pay for a new pair.  Insurance does not pay the entire amount, but it certainly helps.  I think you are wise to go back to COSTCO.  Funny thing, they really help with the TV for me, but less so in other situations.  Still glad that I have them, and I am able to up the volume when needed.


Glad you were able to get your cardiologist appointment re-scheduled.  I went through my clothes again yesterday to see if there are more donation candidates.  Only came up with two, but that is certainly better than none.


That was a disturbing encounter in your doctor's office, Bernie.  I have had them ask about certain supplements multiple times even after I no longer take them.  But, they have never come up with something strange like what they did for you.   


Glad you are doing well with the non-clothes shopping, Charlene.  That was really something about the people crossing over into the area with the horses, etc.  Glad no one was hurt.


I'm back from my "strong bones" class, and there were only two of us in attendance.  The other participant and I had a nice chat, and I was the "leader".


Next up is "grief group" and then my bookclub.  So, it will be a busy day.  It is supposed to make it into the low 90's today, but it was cool enough that I needed a jacket for my morning walk.  Tomorrow should be hot again, and then much cooler and windy on Wednesday.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day!