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Greetings, shopping friends. It is a dreary cool day after all the rain last night but we are still in the watch for high winds. 


For some reason, the past two days I have slept in until 7am which is very unusual for me. I have to admit that it makes the day much shorter. Right now, I am waiting for our Governor to make his address. It is interesting about statistics, it had been predicted this week would be when we might peak. Over the weekend, the number of deaths went from 5 to 9.  Of those tested, we have a rate of 3.76% turning out to be positve.


Yesterday, I booked a refundable hotel room for Aruba the first week of December. I have an airline ticket from American to get me there once they decide to either refund me or apply the cost of the ticket to a new one. I got my United miles and fees for the Australia trip refunded to my account the same day I requested it. It has been a week for American to decide what to do.


Today, I placed a pick up order with the WalMart in the city. The first available time was 1pm this coming Friday for the pickup.  I've never used this service so I hope it goes well.  Then it will be back to the city next Monday for a cardiology appointment.


I hope each of you is having a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Glad I checked before posting  because I was just about to start the thread. Glad you have been sleeping in lately, Jean.  I slept pretty well last night, but got up at the regular time (actually a little early).  I think my body clock goes off regardless of the amount of sleep I get.


Hope your trip to Aruba materializes, and you have a great time.  DD has used the Wal Mart pick-up service for a while, and really likes it.  I don't know if she has been doing it lately since I believe most stores are fully booked.  Hope your cardiology appointment goes well.


It is sunny here, and should make it up into the mid 70's.  I know some areas of the country are having terrible storms.  I hope everyone will be okay.


My Caregivers group is having an on-line meeting this afternoon.  New (to me) service, so I hope that it works. 


My DH's daughter called yesterday, and we had a nice talk.  She said that so far, the virus isn't having a lot of impact in her hospital in California.  No pregnant women have had the virus -- thank goodness. 


Her older daughter who had been a foreign exchange student in Spain had to be self quarantined for two weeks (at home), but she is fine.  I did ask her about the masks she wears in the hospital, and she told me that they are not hot and breathing is not such an issue.  That was good news to me since I find the homemade masks to be very hot.  I could not imagine wearing one all day.


My special Easter dinner was good, and DD had sent a box of chocolates so I indulged in two pieces.  Delicious.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe. 






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Hello all, Easter dinner with my sister went well.  We did a no-contact porch swap of food in the morning and then heated/plated our dinners.  She and I had matching table cloths and the color of her walls are close in color to mine so the video chat  during dinner felt almost as good as eating together in person.  We made it work Woman Happy


It's very windy today and we are under an advisory until 10 pm.  Wind gusts 50 MPH which of course makes me antsy.



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Linda--I think the success now using the WalMart pick up service involves being on the app when the next day of appointments are announced. I know yesterday, all the days Sunday through Thursday were booked, so early this morning I found two openings on Friday and both were at a time convenient for me. You indulged in only two pieces of chocolate? I'm the type that once I touch one, then the rest follow. I just don't keep it around.


Bernie--I'm glad your video  chat Easter dinner with your sister went well. It was a great idea to exchange food on the porch, then prepare it and eat while chatting via video. We had severe winds last night with much damage south of us. Tonight, we have a frost advisory.


I spent the afternoon reading, and debating if I should place a carry out order with the local pizza place---the only game in town. Sometimes, I get tired of my basic food preparation. For that reason, I avoided the Q's gourmet food show. I do have Cheryl's cookies on AD in the shipping process. Unlike chocolate candy, I can limit myself to one cookie.

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Much to my surprise, we didn't get any snow last night, but the high winds have been awful here too.  


I had to go to my pharmacy this morning for a rx.  Only one other guy in there and we both had a mask on.


Our dsil took a pic of our 3 dgc against their will yesterday & had a 4x6 sent to Walgreen's for us which we picked up this morning.  Such cuties!  More clerks in the store than shoppers.


Since it didn't seem like Easter without going to church and having an Easter egg hunt, I am thinking about having one close to my dh's birthday which is two weeks from tomorrow. Walgreens had all Easter things 50% off, so we bought a bunch of things.  Now if only we aren't still in lockdown!


I am going to have a lazy day, not like I haven't had a few already.


Hugs to all of you.