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Good morning, everyone! A caller just said, "I took the day off from work to go shopping." I took a day off also but not because I wanted to do that; Mother Nature has blessed us with a big snow, icy roads and the second consecutive day of school closings. When it takes someone three hours to take a normal interstate trip of an hour and a half, then you just don't go out to go shopping.

I did one of those last minute purchases on QVC where they picked up the bill to permit the item to arrive by Christmas. The problem is that once it is out of QVC's hands, it is up to the shipper to get it there on time. In this case, UPS delivered it after Christmas.

I see the emails are filled with last minute enticements to get us to order for Christmas: free shipping, bonus amounts on gift cards, etc. It is really not a savings if it is something you had not already planned to buy. Planning pays off in terms of satisfaction and money saved.

I spent part of yesterday changing my December 2011 plans for a trip to Hawaii so that we would be going in October. After two consecutive years of abnormal weather here, we are just totally fed up with trying to plan something in December. We will miss part of what we had planned for December but we will enjoy the prospect of going without worrying about Mother Nature ruining the trip.

I guess I'll spend part of today's down time by doing some things around the house or reading. With the sore throat and cold, I have no desire to get the snowblower and go to work. I have food; I have no need to go out.

Have a great day; if you shop, shop wisely.

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