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Hi Everyone!


It's hot and sunny and blue skies.No rain in the forecast. Hopefully, this will last thru the weekend. I haven't decided if my "fun" will be weeding (for the last time--I hope) or peeling wallpaper in the hallway and kitchen)


I did pick up my prescription yesterday and a few groceries. I used GoodRX because it was about $10 cheaper than my insurance. I had just checked the prices 2 days prior and the discount was a bit more. The pharmacist said that the prices are changing rapidly in the "up" direction. BOO!!!


There weren't too many people in the market so I was able to check some prices. Soup was up between 30-50 cents per can. Paper products were in stock except for t.p. I thought here we go again. I'll have to make a trip back next week to see if the tp truck comes in. UGH!!! Some pickle brands are no longer carried. The hubby loves his pickles so I'm now on Brand #3 & 4.  Produce was fully stocked and not up much from last week. It was just a bit difficult to find an item that was really fresh and not too ripe.


I did catch a bit of the Halloween show with David & Jane. I think every item was new. I like the concept that more items are larger because that's what I prefer. I'd rather have a few large items instead of all these small ones. (I think my decluttering is changing my preferences) I'm more into the Fall season and not as much the Halloween or Thanksgiving specific days. 


We've had wasps inside our patio umbrellas in the morning. It must be the chilly nights that are chasing them in there. I did have to replace bulbs in 2 of the DynaTraps outside so hopefully this will solve that situation.


Have a nice afternoon/evening.


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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Interesting about the medication and grocery prices and availability.  I had read that baked goods, crackers, etc. were going up in price plus meats, etc.  I had a Walmart order today, and a couple of items were not available.  Oh well....  I did notice that some prices had increased.  I know I am lucky only to have one Rx medication, but it is certainly difficult to get this time.  And the co-pay keeps going up.


I see what you mean about the larger Halloween decorations.  Do you have visitors and/or people who drive by to see your decorations?  No trick or treaters in this area, and not many who drive by.  But, I still decorate -- just for me is okay.


Good luck with the weeding or wallpaper removal.


The hospice supplies never arrived yesterday.  Hopefully, they will arrive soon.  When I heard that the truck hadn't come, I went to pick up the mailings, and then to the gym.  This is frustrating, but nothing I can do about it. 


I talked to my across the street neighbors about my trip, and they said they would keep an eye on the house.  That was a kind offer.  They also gave me the name of a landscaper who is very good and not expensive.  I will call him when I return.


One of my gym buddies told me that another guy I know had quite an experience at the dentist -- three teeth removed.  He was sedated, and totally out of it.  So, this man had a difficult time getting him to the car and his home.  Not fun.  It seems like he is getting better, but it is taking time.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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LindaLatte---That was kind for your neighbor to offer to keep an eye on your home. Hopefully that brings some relief so you can really enjoy your trip. Always good to find a service that is a reasonable price. I swear those are like looking for a needle in a haystack.


They go thru cycles in our area with the decorating--either nothing or all out. I always decorate for the seasons/holidays because I enjoy it. The last few years our area is back to decorating to the fullest. The way our lot sits I have to decorate both the front and the back because we face both streets with woods on the sides. I am scaling back a bit and using fewer larger pieces. I think that's one of my better choices.