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Hi Everyone!


It's sunny today and in the low 80's. No rain in the forecast but my knees say otherwise.

I did pick up my prescriptions yesterday and do some banking. I have a few other errands that need done but not the energy to accomplish it today. Fall is here because I saw leaves falling. I still have one last round of weeding to accomplish .


I watched MBR on Q2 with fashion clearance last night and it was so relaxing. There were some great savings but I didn't order. I notced that D&Co has a new line Comfort Zone. Now that one could be "trouble' for me. LOL I didn't watch the preview show just to avoid temtptation. 

HSN  has a Halloween & Fall clean up day today. That's where I purchased that pack of 4 storage covers. They had some larger scaled Halloween decor which looked nice. I certainly don't need more decorations but it's nice to see a few larger pieces instead of all the small stuff. Prices seem increased but then I'm in "sticker shock" most of the time . 


I did watch Leah this am and could not resist the DB lightweight jacket. I actually ordered it in Scarlet which is bold for me. I think it will be great if we have a mild winter and love the fact that it has a hood. MB had the first one in the same line on her show last night. I remember I was tempted when I saw that one but thought I would get more wear from the new one. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Fressa, it's sunny here  & in the low 80's.    I won't like tomorrow as it's going to be 90°.  I watched a bit of a shoe this morning but I can't remember what brand the TSV  was.  My size was sold out in every color.  I would have loved a pair for winter.  Nothing like fur lined & slip into them. I didn't see the DB jacket,  but I did like the plaid D & Co. one.  After just laundering 5 fleece coats this week, I talked myself out of it.  I did my Fall decorating on Monday, so I am good to go for a while.


I "detailed" our Subaru this morning and then my DH washed it. Then my dh's sister in law stopped by to see my potty chair and said it would be perfect for his Mom if she is allowed to return to her apt next Tuesday.  We all have our fingers crossed that things work out ok. She is bound and determined that she can go back home and be alone.  


We are heading for Shipshewana, IN on Monday and getting back home on Thursday.  It's been two years since we have been able  on vacation so I am excited beyond words right now.  We have been there a few times and it's fun.  


One of my dh's brothers and sil are going on an AK cruise next Friday for a week & another of his brothers & sil are going to Ireland next Saturday for a week.  We all had travel plans cancelled last year  so we are hoping for the best this year.


I haven't walked all week, but we have been to the gym 3 times. Hugs to all of you.




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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  I slept better with the Dyna Trap last night.  Unfortunately, placing it in the bathroom would not work well.  However, I could try a different place if sleep becomes an issue.  I am very pleased with it so far, and I am considering ordering another one for the "Arizona room".


Hope the storage containers and the  DB jacket work well for you.  I saw a tiny bit of Leah's show this morning, and I liked that jacket.  Also liked a D&Co. one I saw yesterday.  But, no new coats/jackets for me since I have enough, especially for our weather.  I was intrigued by the new D&Co. line, but didn't watch it for the same reason as you.  I saw Stan Herman had a very cute set this morning.


Sorry it is hotter than you and Glenda like in your area.  You wouldn't be happy here either since they are predicting highs of 99 degrees today and tomorrow, 100 for Sunday, and 101 for Monday.  At least it is cooler in the morning when I take my walk.


I do hope your MIL is able to live where and how she wants to, Glenda.  I think the TSV shoes were selling fast.  Have a wonderful trip.  I received more information about my Utah trip today, and it is still on.  I'm a bit nervous about COVID, etc., but really looking forward to traveling again.  I hope your DH's brothers and their wives have safe and fun trips.  


For my trip, you must show your vaccine card when you check in -- the original.  They suggested taking a photo of your card in case you lose it.  Everyone on the trip must be fully vaccinated.  I'm not sure if we will need to wear masks while on the bus, etc., but I'm taking plenty of masks with me. 


I finished up my hospice work this morning, and then went to the gym.  The gym wasn't crowded, which was good.  I need to get back to deciding what to pack for my trip, but also doing some cooking and cleaning.  


So far, it has been a very nice, if quiet day.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone sleeps well.





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Linda L, the brother and sil that are going to Ireland are on a tour. She is a retired RN & he is a retired optometrist.   They had planned to go last year, but it was cancelled because of Covid 19.  The bro & Sil going to AK are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary which is Sept 25th. We are still hoping to celebrate our 50th+ I either next month or next April.  Covid 19 is our deciding factor again.