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Good Afternoon!  It was fine on my walk this morning, but they are predicting a high of 92 degrees today, and they are still predicting 100 degrees for tomorrow.  Still very dry (3% humidity at the moment), but at least the winds are not too high.  DD said that it was pouring rain in Maryland.


DD's car is back from the shop, and it was $560 or so.  The money keeps flowing away for them.  


I contacted Bev this morning to see if she would like me to stop by and bring her something to eat and/or drink.  When she returned my call, I found that she had been taken to the ER by ambulance this morning.   The pain was very bad (and she has a high pain tolerance), so the doctor told her to go to the ER and he has scheduled the testing and treatment for Monday (it was supposed to be on Wednesday).  I hope they can help her with the pain until Monday.


Nothing exciting going on for me today.  I do plan to go to the gym later, and pick up a DVD that I had on reserve at the library.  No TSV for me -- not a need for sure.  Hope any of you who order them or other items like them very much.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day, and please post if you have a chance.





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Linda @LindaLatte  Bev is in my prayers and I'm sure that they have something they can put in her IV to help with the pain.


It's currently 83 degrees as I type this.  It was a sunny day and the humidity was 41%.  I felt the humidity when I was mowing the lawn.  Glad I got it done because we're in for rain for the next couple of days.  I made my appointment for the 2nd booster - Monday morning, first appointment.


My sister and I were gonna do it together like we did the last booster.  On Wednesday we were thinking about back to back appointments for Thursday evening.  I ended up booking for Thursday morning because I knew I was gonna be cutting the grass today (Friday) and didn't want a booster the evening before.  The way Moderna kicks my butt all over the house Woman Very Happy I don't know why I thought a full 24 hour lapse between shot and mowing was gonna help me.


The pharmacy had two records with my sister's name she couldn't schedule the appointment online, she had to call and speak to someone.  That's when my sister learned that despite the fact that I requested Moderna, I was going to be given the Pfizer if I went through with the morning appointment yesterday.  I called and cancelled on Wednesday.  Apparently they have Moderna on Sat, Sun and Mon this time around.  My sister goes for her Moderna booster tomorrow morning.  I avoid stores whenever possible on the weekends so I go for my Moderna Monday morning.


I've had Moderna all three times before and know what to expect reaction-wise.  I'd rather be in familiar territory at this point.


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