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Good Afternoon!  Hope everyone is having a nice Friday, and Glenda and DH's trip will be a lot of fun.


I am happy to hear about the new mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people, but I am not ready to give up my masks yet.  Maybe I will feel more comfortable soon.  I have stopped taking them on my morning walks -- I rarely see anyone, and if I do, we socially distance ourselves.


The exciting news is that DD and my SIL have appointments to get their vaccines next week -- she will get hers Monday and I think his may be on Wednesday. Both had COVID and were waiting for their doctor's approval.  My oldest DGS got his vaccine yesterday and the youngest cannot get his until early June since he needs to wait for two weeks (I think) after getting his allergy shots.  Middle DGS got his vaccine a while ago.


Nothing exciting going on here today.  I did finish up the hospice mailings and take them to the Post Office this morning.  Everyone in the Post Office was wearing masks.


Hot and sunny here with a high of 96 degrees expected.  I am taking a meditation OLLI class starting next week, and the "study group leader" (aka teacher) sent some very interesting information about the benefits of meditation.  I have never been able to meditate in the past, but these benefits are certainly worth another try.


Thinking of Fressa and your rugs.  I ordered an outdoor mat from here (Don Aslett) since the one I got from Amazon has a tendency to blow away often.  Hopefully, this one will stay put.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice Friday, and please post if you have a chance.









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Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.


Linda - Thank you for starting us today.  Glad to hear about DD and her DH.  I got my second one on Tuesday, all I had was a "hangover headache" until mid morning the next day.  Guess I was lucky compared to some.  I still think it was worth it.  Glad to hear about the relax in masks, but I will still be wearing one in stores and crowds for awhile longer.  


I am still very jealous of your temps.  We are opening our pool next week, hopefully we are going to have temps above freezing in the mornings.  We have had frosts the last couple days.


Twinny - Hope you have a wonderful trip.  I am jealous.


I have been doing small projects around the house today, you would not guess it by the way it looks around here.


Well, time to sit and watch a couple episodes of British Baking Show.   I do enjoy watching it.  I am going to try to make a couple things I have seen.  We will see how it goes.


Hope everyone has a great evening.


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Hi Everyone!


Thanks LindaLatte for getting us started this afternoon. I hope you like the Don Astlett rug. I have had a few from that line (the astro turf for outside and the kitchen rugs). They hold up well and can be hosed or washed depending on which type it is. I just ordered another astro turf for the entrance from the garage into the den. The one I had I moved to the side door entrance. Boy, I noticed the difference when the kids were over this weekend. All kinds of "outside stuff" was on my inside floors.


Because I was on a semi-roll with chores I continued today with steam cleaning 2 bathroom floors and the kitchen instead of grocery shopping. Tomorrow I hope to plant tomatoes and maybe some flowers. I am behind on weeding and some major work in the side garden but that will be for another weekend.


I was looking for opinions on cell phones. Our phones are very old and now will not be supported by ATT. (Iphone 5) . I think the hubby wants to stay with the Iphone but is open to a suggestions or two. I would appreciate any comments if anyone wants to share. The cell phone purchase always gives me a migraine because it's so much$ for a phone. I already checked some prices so my normal "sticker shock" has gone numb at this point. LOL


I did watch some of Friday w/Leah this morning. Nothing really caught my eye. If it did even at clearance/sale price the tops were pricey. (to wear around the house) There  is a summer sweater and sweatshirt that I saw in the Candace line and WWC but the price stops me. I will most likely pass on both of those. The uncertainlty with gas and grocery prices has me rethinking the budget. 


The Corky's drumsticks arrived this afternoon so that's whats for dinner with "some kind of side". I usually prefer a chicken breast but thought these would be handy for days that I need a quick dinner or simply too sick or tired to cook. 


Have a good evening.