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LindaL - Is the ebags order the packing cubes or did you pick up a new bag?  I'm glad your eye doctor appointment went well. I agree with you, at $1.79 for a sundae, you might as well add a little more and enjoy the atmosphere of an ice cream parlor.


Jean - when you're spending your money on a phone, you need to be happy with it, otherwise it's money wasted.


Barbara - I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself after the infusion.


Kathleen - congrats on the first paycheck for this new job.  I know you worked for it (lol), but it's still nice.


Twinny - I love pretzels and chocolate (lol) so I did watch a bit of the TSV presentation with Jayne this morning before heading off to work.  I saw the white chocolate pretzels and said, well, there ya go Bernie, you don't like white chocolate.  Honestly, I'd probably binge eat them so it's better I don't order the TSV.


I spotted the Rockport driving mocs on the 6pm site.  When I compared the $58 price with other stores who were selling the same darn shoe for $145, I said, give them a try from 6pm.  By the time I ordered the copper/bronze version, I had a coupon and think I paid like $52. 


On the subject of receiving mail that doesn't belong to me personally, I sort of keep in touch with the lady who owned my house before me.  I send holiday cards, call every once in a while.  I really clicked with her during the purchase process.  Now we both have a 401k with Fidelity.  I know this woman notified Fidelity in 2001 that she moved.  I didn't get any Fidelity mail for her for a couple of years then received a check from Fidelity sent to my address.  So I called her made sure she received the check and at that time she reached out to Fidelity again about the address.  So I didn't receive any of her mail for a long time.  Then I started get some again and would send it to her new address.  This woman is a retired school teacher - I know she's reached out to Fidelity multiple times.


So then I began to wonder if that stupid company was sending statements to two addresses.  I was also getting tired of paying postage to keep sending her the statements that came to my house quarterly.  So last month I get her second quarter statement.  That day, it just hit the wrong nerve, so I opened the mail just to get the particular phone number she needs to call for Fidelity regarding her business.  My contact phone number for my account is different.  So I call Fidelity, give them my information, figuring they'll take me seriously as a fellow account holder.  I tell them, look, this woman moved out of this house in 2001.  I know for a fact that she's reached out to you more than once over all this time and I am calling hoping that if you hear it from me, you'll do something about it.  I gave them her phone number and said, I am sick of you sending this woman's business to my address.  Work it out or I will be re-evaluating whether or not I want you to have my money since you can't get an address right.  I was peeved that day.  So the guy gives me a research number and says I can be updated on the progress.


So I let 2 weeks go by, call Fidelity and all I ask is, have you closed the research number or is the issue still open.  The rep talks to me like I am a mental patient and wishes me a good day.


So a couple of days later, a piece of mail - I think it was a prospectus or something like that - I don't really understand all that stuff.


I wrote on the mailing in a sharpie - This person hasn't resided at this address in over a decade, get it together and figure it out.  I dropped it in the mail.





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LL, I forgot to tell you that when my DH & I went on our mini vacation a few weeks ago, there was a McDonald's as we drove into the campground advertising ice cream cones for 49 cents. He enjoyed his for 3 days in a row. BIRD MAMA, what a bunch of nonsense for you to go through to get unwanted mail going to where it belongs. It is maddening for me too. I remember about 3 years ago when I had a severe freaky ankle injury & the insurance company form the gal's business expected me to pay $1,200.00. for two months of physical therapy. After going to the insurance 5 times, I told the agent that if I got ONE more letter I was going to the business & telling owner she needed to pay me the $1,200. Never got another letter from them. Sometimes we need to stand our stand.
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Hi friends! I've been fighting this website and finally the comment box appears! Bernie, unbelievable with the mail. Way to go on the shoes!

Linda, very sneaky how they raise the prices. The local ice cream has a marketing strategy that emphasizes the half gallon is STILL a half gallon. They had problems and had to close down and folks are in quote an uproar. Saying they won't eat I've cream until Blue Bell comes back. I like the ice cream but not a raving fan, although it is very good. It's Texas. ☺