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Good Morning/Afternoon!  It is sunny here, and we are expecting highs in the mid 70's.  My kind of weather to be sure.  


I'm back from my hospice "work".  The volunteer coordinator had given me an incorrect address for one of the supply deliveries yesterday,  This was the second time this happened, and it was a time waster, plus pretty upsetting.  It didn't help that I was worried about my SIL.  This time, I called the volunteer coordinator, and he found his error so that I could complete that delivery.


Things are still a little up in the air with my DD and family.  While the doctor at the hospital was not sure my SIL had pneumonia, other doctors think that he does.  In any case, he was prescribed lots of medication.  Also, he has an appointment to get the monoclonal antibody COVID treatment next Tuesday.  The doctor has identified a different hospital (further away) if he should require hospitalization again.  The last one had no beds available, but this one is "only" 85% full.  Meanwhile, my youngest DGS' test finally came back, and he has COVID for sure.  DD and my DGD probably have it as well, and they are all quarantining.


My county opened up some appointments for the COVID vaccine yesterday afternoon, and 20,000 people signed up in two hours.  That was all they could accommodate.  I was not eligible to register due to my age (not quite old enough.)


Glad you found those nice leggings for such a great price, Glenda.  Although I don't need any new clothes, I would be excited to get such a bargain.


I smiled when I read about you repurposing those baskets, Fressa.  I have put all but one of my special baskets for things like holding my masks, exercise equipment, etc.  


Hope your Walmart pick-up, etc., goes well Jean.  I have a Walmart pick-up scheduled for Sunday afternoon.


I have quite a few IM clothes -- Pima cotton T-shirts and 24/7 pants mostly.  Also, a few sweaters.  But, no TSV for me.  Even if I needed a new cardigan, I don't like the high/low look.  I hope any who order it enjoy it very much.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Linda L, it's been cloudy, but mild for this time of the year.     We got 2" of ❄ ❄ ❄ overnight & it's like being in a snow globe again.   That's such bad  news about your family & the virus.  I am sorry that you got another wrong address for your deliveries.  The leggings washed very nice and they fit perfect.  They will be nice with any of my boots.  


It's a lazy day since I haven't slept good for a few days.  No big plans for the weekend.  I am saving my energy level for next week.


Hugs to all of you.


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Linda @LindaLatte  I'm sorry to read that coronavirus has visited your daughter's family.  I pray for all the posters that I interact with in this forum and I know this is really frightening for all involved.  I will pray to St Raphael (medicine of God) that all recover soon.


Not much going on with me.  Did grocery shopping yesterday - whoo hoo, lol.  

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