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Twinny I love the sweet food smells and also don't like floral.

Bernie, I had a great visual of you and Grayson dancing.
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Jean, I know a lot of ladies here love the beauty products but after trying them during my impulsive buying phase, I realized that I like my drug store products much better. I'd rather save my money fur fancy sheets! 😀 I had to replace a pair ans have missed my favorite 1000tc so ordered a set. I hope I like them.

I still love to read and have a couple new books here to work on. I bought a couple things for the house yesterday so will probably work on organizing and beautifying today.
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I like to use the following for my face, lol.  I'm expressive so I think the wrinkles I have are not going to be going anywhere.


Cleansing - Loreal revitalift scrub

When I remember - Loreal revitalift bright reveal peel pads

Eyes - Loreal revitalift triple power eye treatment

Moisturizer - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Creme


I was thinking of trying Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair with some kind of retinol (I think that's what it's called).  I'm a fair skinned natural redhead and it doesn't take much to set my skin off so if I try it, I will have to try it on a weekend.


The moon was gorgeous last night.  I always sleep like the dead when there is a full moon, don't know why.


I'm out of critical grocery items so I will be hitting the store on the way home from work tonight.  I'm lucky in that I pass the place every day and it's about a mile or so from the house.

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I forgot to add that I do love Sephora and found a particular shade of expensive blush that I buy there. I've tried to replicate with no luck.
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Good Afternoon, and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Sorry about the water problem at the schools.  That happened once where I worked, and I was surprised that they sent us home.  It does make sense, however I was in the "workaholic mode" and not ready to leave.  


I think I loved that same top.  It was very difficult for me to resist, but now that you point out the long sleeves, I am glad that I passed.  Long sleeves are usually a problem for me as well.  I use a variety of cosmetic/skin care products -- none of the expensive time, and several Neutrogena products.  I use the wrinkle product you are considering, Bernie.  I did not have any bad reaction, but that rarely happens to me.


Hi Susan, meallen, and Bernie.  Funny thing about those big hats, twinny -- I am rather petite, and never thought that I could wear large sun hats.  However, I found one at COSTCO a year or two ago, and I love it for our very hot summer months.  And, several people have complimented me on my hat.  It has those strings on the bottom, so it doesn't fly off even if it is windy out.  Not sure if my hat is as big as those IM ones, but.... Hope you love your upcoming trip.


That is quite a change in temperature, Marijane.  We had record highs yesterday, and may well have them today (upper 80's).  That is 20 degrees or so higher than normal.  But, cooler temperatures are coming in starting tomorrow, and by Sunday our highs are predicted to be in the low 60's, with a chance of rain.  Like Jean, I like the sun and heat, so I'm enjoying this unusually warm February weather.


DH's DD will be staying with me.  I still have not found a futon or sofa bed that I like, so she will be sleeping on an air mattress in the "office."  


DH was in pretty good spirits today, but he is still in the wheelchair.  The hospice caregiver was there for another patient, and she told me he did stand up to get on the shower chair, but he wanted to sit down right away when he stood up afterward.  So, that is why he is in the wheelchair.  The hospice nurse told me that eventually, he will not be able to stand or walk, but I'm hoping that is a long while off.


Nice to see you posting, Kathleen.  So sorry about your DD's Jeep.  Just not fair.  I really hope that both her car and Marijane's DH's car are returned unharmed.  You are certainly living in a beautiful area.  Glad your Texas house sold -- easier to move on that way.


I had an interesting class this morning (history of Iran), and then took a walk before visiting DH.  It will probably be at least 5:30 by the time I pick up his DD and bring her here, but I plan to visit DH this evening.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers, and have a nice evening!







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Hi girls! Checking in real quick - I keep meaning to do so, but I don't know where the time goes - I can't believe we're halfway through February already!  Cat Surprised  I'm also halfway through my school semester. These classes are fun (International Business and Human Resource Development) but I'm trying to decide if I want to take the summer off or not.  


Someone had asked about the new laptop, and how I like it; I forgot who.  It's an HP that I got from HSN on 6 Flex-pays. It's a large 17" touch screen and I ordered it in purple. Turns out it's more of a periwinkle, which is my favorite shade, so I"m happy with that. I got a rainbow silicone keyboard protector and a colorful "skin" for the lid, both of which contain the color of the laptop, so it's been nicely personalized. As far as performance it seems to be fine; my school provides Microsoft Office for free to students, so I've got all of that downloaded. I'm still keeping an eye open for a new Windows 8 laptop, because although Windows 10 is easy to use it comes loaded with spyware.  I did get a cover for the webcam lens; it's a good idea, as it can be turned on remotely.


Jean, I always liked Olay products, but have been using a face cream from Aldi - I had checked the reviews on it and they're actually better than creams costing $100 or more!  At $3.99 a jar it's a steal - there are different ones for night and day. I also like Ahava products from Israel.  Susan, Walmart sells their own brand of facial lotion which is the same as Olay, but much cheaper - about half the price.


LindaL - how's DH doing?  

Speaking of Mexican hats, I got into trouble. Anyone remember the Mexican hats candy from years ago? I saw it on Amazon, and ordered a bag. They're very fresh, and every bit as good as I remembered them, but the bag is 5 pounds...  Cat Frustrated


Jean, I'll bet the kids were happy about the plumbing problems so they got a head start on the weekend! Cat Wink


Marijane, we were blessed with an usually mild winter; there were maybe a half dozen really cold days - most of the time it was in the 40s - 60s, with some days in the 70s.  I have quite a few winter coats, but wore only two; most of the time I've gotten by with a lightweight jacket that I got when the local K-Mart closed. I did notice that when I washed it the zipper pull disappeared, so out it goes... 


Bird, I think the full moon is tonight - a snow moon. I think if you when I feed my birds; they go through an entire feeder every day. I usually put suet out as well, and if I get them the  hot pepper one, it's gone overnight! (Others last a week.)  


I finally did get my mortgage refinanced, which saves me a few hundred dollars a month. I let the bank handle taxes and insurance, so I don't have to worry about them. Now I have to get the "new" car up and giong and I'll be all set.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm back to selling on eBay, since they let you list 50 items each month with no listing fee, but they do take 10%, which is outright greedy - plus buyers MUST pay with Paypal, so there's another fee there.  Cat Mad  I usually list things at a fixed price with a "Best Offer," but might discontinue the latter - some people think that "Best Offer" = an insultingly low price.  For example, I have a rare, discontinued collectible Kliban Cat item listed for $55 (on a par with similar items listed), and someone just offered me $15!  Cat Mad I turned it down, and had to try really hard to refrain from sending a snarky comment.  I don't know if people are greedy, have a sense of entitlement, or are just dumb...  


Anyway, hi to everyone - have a blessed day! 


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