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Good morning, shopping friends. It is another beautiful sunny day but a nippy one. It is a good day to get out and finish the shopping, wrapping of presents or visiting those who are alone and need a visitor or a telephone call or other means of contact.


The Christmas season is not a good one for many people for various reasons. It is especially painful for those losing loved ones during the holiday season. Each holiday tends to drive home the message that the good times of old are no longer true, but it is up to each of us to remember those loved ones but to forge ahead making a new life and new memories.


The jewelry day today reminds me of the good old days in which quality jewelry was offered. I especially remember the annual Affinity diamond Christmas ring which would be of a beautiful design. I have jewelry so I'm not rushing out to buy more right now.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Hi Everyone!

Today is another cool temp day and the snow is staying on the grasss. The driveway has stayed cleared but what snow did not melt from shoveling and salting is icy. It looks like the temps will remain cool so I'm thrilled. 


Today its going to be a cleaning day. I need to get it started.  We have a larger older home so it takes a few days to get everything done. I am trying to be better about pacing myself. I do have some more errands and health appts. to handle but I think the cleaning is moved up to first postion on my "to do" list. I'll have another "once over" after I bath the dogs but that's manageable. These last few days of errands have really been bothering my knees and feet. I did notice some relief with the "CopperFit" footie socks in my boots.


One of our major grocery chains is eliminating plastic bags. I shop there becuase it's so convenient and I do well with the "unadvertised" specials. I've been taking my own bags for a few years so I'll just have to remember to add a few more in my cart. It should make it easier to bag with those bag holders gone from the end of the beltway. Somehow I'm always bumping into them with my purse or my coat trying to get the items for my totes. Poor design  IMO


Has anyone purchased a Christmas tree from the "At Home" store? They just put a new one in my area and I'm still discovering it. The prices are 50% off or more so I'm tempted to purchase one of the slim non traditional colored trees. I moved the BL snowdrift slim tree from my den to the family room. I never had a tree in my den but now that I moved it, I miss seeing it in there. I never realized how much time I spend in there with bills, paperwork, crafts, etc. It's my "do everything room".  


Glad that everyone is having better health and good times with activities. 

Have a good afternoon/evening.

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@KonaKat   Godd morning, Jean!  It's even sunny here in NE Ohio where the sun never shines in December!  No precip is predicted through Christmas, so I may try getting my poor car washed when I leave work today.  It used to be it's kind of a grayish white, if you know what I mean.


I know this may sound insignificant compared to other's losses, but I always remember my sister's beloved sheppard (sp?) mix dog died in their arms on Christmas Eve several years ago.  He was an exceptional dog, and I loved him too; he was 14.  I will be at her house for Christmas day, and they have another nice dog now.  When you don't have kids, pets are like your kids, and each one is special with their own personality!


I hope you have a lovely holiday!

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Hello All,


I haven't been on the QVC site for awhile and just wanted to say a quick hello.


We are rainy and cold here today.  This weather pattern will last through Saturday.  I will probably finish my last minute grocery shoppingon Sunday when it will be sunny. 


This Christmas will be a little different.  We will have one overnight guest and one guest for Christmas dinner.   As some of you may recall, my husband has had an eventful year medically.  Things have normalized considerably and he is looking very forward to the holidays and the plans that we have made.   I guess my previous caregiver hat is causing me to be a little unsettled...our plans are limited and just hopeful that what we did plan stikes the right balance with his endurance level etc.   Just needed to get that off my chest, wow, now I feel better Smiley Happy


I wish you all a great holiday and the best New Year!!!    Gayle

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I want to wish everyone here Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah. We celebrated with our family last weekend...the 6 grands get along so welll..we have a wild little boy, 6 who is totally outnumbered by the girls. He loves to annoy them. I reduced the gifts this year because everyone has too much and no one complained. I told a special story, that I had written as a child and we sang carols.


we will celebrate Christmas Day here with my dd and sydnie who live with us. We head back to much warmer weather in 10 days. Pepper, syds dog is going with us because she needs to lose some weight and the weather in Az is much more amenable to walks, plus we have a very nice dog park.


the cold has negatively affected my rheumatoid disease...unfortunately, I have to come back for 3 weeks in January for infusions,


i hVe been very good about shopping..I am in a simplify my life mood. My closet has half the amount of clothes I used to have. It is a good feeling.


Jean and all please enjoy the holidays if you can. (((Hugs))) to all.🎄🎄

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[ Edited ]

Good morning shopping buddies! Five more days to go! It is a COLD, STORMY  winter day here in the pacific northwest. I love this festive time of year, but my heart goes out to those experiencing loss of a loved one (friend or family), or having adverse personal issues of any kind. It reminds us to cherish each and every moment with those we hold dear.


I still have more wrapping to do, and have revamped my Christmas dinner menu twice, that I will be starting early Tues. evening, and cook into the wee hours of the morning.


With my Christmas shopping done, I won't be purchasing anything until the after Christmas clearance sales, that I am so looking forward to. Judith Ripka has a beautiful ring I have been eyeing for quite some time. Time for me to fill up my wish list.😁


Have a wonderful and safe day!



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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  It was quite cool when I got up (31 degrees), but should make it into the 60's today.  I went to my exercise classes (aerobics followed by chair yoga) this morning, and plan to go to the grocery store(s) soon.  I may go to Wal Mart as well since I need a few staples that are much less expensive there.  Wish me luck.  


The Caregiver group and trip were nice yesterday. Unbelievable number of Christmas lights in the neighborhood the trolley visited.  We stopped for pizza on the way up.  We were delayed on the way back due to a very bad looking accident.  As far as we could tell, it was just one car that had hit and gone over a barricade, flipped, and was a wreck in the median.  Didn't look good for the driver or any passengers, but I pray for the best.


Waves to Fressa, Laura, Gayle, Sandy Sparkles, Barbara, twinny, and all of our posters and readers.


Jewelry has never been a major temptation for me, and I have too much already.  But, I did go through a period of buying lots of jewelry here when the prices were considerably lower and quality quite good.  Although none of my close relatives or friends passed away during holiday time, I still find memories during this time of year can make me sad and miss them even more.  


I have never heard of that place you mention, Fressa.  But, I know what you mean about missing a tree after you had it in a place for years.  I have two small trees (one at the entrance) and one in the living room, which is actually less than in the past.  I love to decorate, so it has been quite difficult for me to cut down at all.  Plastic bags are still given out freely in our area, but I carry bags with me and use them as much as possible.


Hope you get your car washed, Laura.  We may get rain next Tuesday and Wednesday.


Hi Gayle.  Glad your DH is doing so much better.  Hope you don't stress too much and both of you have a great time.


I know you had a wonderful celebrations with your grands, Barbara.  Glad you have been so successful on reducing your closets.  I have a long way to go in that department.  I bet you will enjoy the warmer weather.


Enjoy cooking and have a great holiday Sandy Sparkles.


Hope everyone has a nice evening.













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Hi to all of you. I will read your posts tonight.


It was a fun morning for both of us.  We went to the senior citizen Christmas program at the middle school for breakfast. 


Then we came back home and my DH washed the Subaru while I did two loads of laundry, got lunch ready and steam mopped the floors.


Then we went to the senior center & played Flippo.  Now my DH is napping in his recliner.


My cousins DH passed away yesterday at 12:30 a.m.  She lives an hour away from us.  His DD & her family live in MT.  He is going to be cremated, no visitation and the Celebration of Life date is unknown yet.  He had cardiac arrest.


My dad passed away two weeks before Christmas in 1991.  Christmas is going to be at our house tomorrow.  I am sad because of our family situation, but I need to be strong for our three dgc.  Next Wednesday we are going to one of my dh's brother and sil's for lunch. That will be a rough day too.  I know that the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle.  


My CIDP tested our faith 18 years ago.  We won the race, but it took a village to get me there.

Hugs to all of you.

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I'm cracking up.  I thought I posted on this thread Woman Frustrated


It was an overcast and cool day today.  It was a quiet day for me.  I hung out with my birds, did a load of wash and basically putzed around the house.

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