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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Another beautiful day here -- sunny and should make it up to 80 degrees today.  As usual, I am really looking forward to my walk around the neighborhood.


I made it to the grocery store and Wal Mart yesterday.  There was no toilet paper, peroxide, cleaners, white vinegar, or flour in either place, but I found some paper towels at Wal Mart.  I have some, but I am running through them with all this cleaning. While I could not get all of the items on my list, I did pretty well.  I confess that I purchased some potato chips.  They are comfort food for me, despite knowing they are definitely not healthy.  I had given them up for quite a while, but I need some comfort.


Much to my surprise, the car dealer called to say the recall part is in, and I have an appointment with them on Tuesday.  There is no place to wait, so they will be taking me home and picking me up later.  I will wear a mask for sure.


Bath and Body works sent an e-mail saying that the hand soap that I ordered has shipped and may be here next Tuesday.  Much sooner than they originally predicted.  


Hope Jean's Wal Mart pick-up went well.  DD told me that they contacted her saying most of the items she wanted were not available.  She still planned to pick up what they had, but went to a local grocery store to find some things.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Linda L, I woke up this morning at 6:15, looked outside and the grass was white.  It was sunny this morning and it's in the i mid 40's right now.   We are supposed to be in the 60's all next week and mostly sunny.  When we shopped yesterday neither of the two grocery stores had any tp or cleaning supplies.  Flour has been plentiful and eggs too for 99¢ a dozen.  Limit of 2 dozen.  Cleaning supplies aren't on the shelves though.  To wash down the countertops etc. I have been using Palmolive antibacterial dish soap and hot water.  It seems to be doing a good job.  I am glad that your car part is in & you can get that job off of your to do list.  Yesterday, I got an email from the Subaru dealer asking if we needed anything done.  We are supposed to go in for the 6 month checkup.  Usually we just drive up there and get in the drive thru line.  I had to make an appointment which is for May 7th at 11:00.  Apparently they only have one customer in there at a time.  They have a nice break area,  so I think that's where we will wait.  We are not coming home.  


Yesterday, I started to polish the kitchen cabinets and I finished up this afternoon.  It's not a hard job, but I was being extra careful not to touch the glass window panes in the China cabinet as I washed all of those windows a few weeks ago when we were doing our spring cleaning job.  Tomorrow, I am planning to do our dining room table and the 6 chairs + 2 extra leaves.  I am going to have a lot of extra time on my hands.  


Yesterday, our Gov. said that we are under quarantine for another 30 days.  It's necessary, but I was hoping for it to be lifted next Friday as originally planned.  All schools will be closed until next fall.  It's sad for the seniors hoping to graduate in just a few more weeks.  Our youngest dgs was looking forward to going to Prom & his gf's graduation and party.  He will graduate next year which we are thankful for.  


My DH wanted to get a pick up breakfast this morning from our favorite breakfast restaurant.  They are only open from 4-7 tonight, so it was an egg and cheese Mcmuffin from McDonalds.  Still good.


Hugs to all of you.


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Hello all


It's currently snowing in my part of the world right now.


My sister is celebrating a milestone birthday today - 60.  We won't be celebrating it the way I had hoped however I'm gonna 'make it do what it do'  Woman Very Happy 


She's at work right now (onsite M-W-F) and is the only human being on the floor.  When she leaves work tonight I'm going to call in 2 orders of pizza and cheesy bread from her favorite pizza place about a mile away from me.


She drives across my part of town to get from work to home.  The pizza place's lobby is closed however they walk out the food.


I'll be waiting in the parking lot and will be able to see her if not hug her.  Once she gets home and settled, we'll video chat over pizza and celebrate her birthday that way.


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Liinda--Thank you for starting the thread. On the paper towel isssue, Bernie had an idea for a substitute and I tried it. These are really cheaper than paper towels, very absorbent, and last a long time. Basically, they are those tri-fold paper hand towels. I got a carton of them from Amazon. I use them in the kitchen, the bathroom or where a spill might occur. Do a search for Pacific Blue SelePacific Blue Select Premium 2-Ply C-Fold Paper Towels. There are 12 packs in the case I got with 120 towels per pack.


Glenda--You have been an energizer bunny with all that cleaning, but this is an ideal time to do that. I confess to doing some also but I'm not as focused as you are. It is a sad time for this year's seniors but it is better to be safe than sorry. It is amazing how cleaning products vary from place to place when it comes to being in stock.


Bernie--The video chat over difnner of pizza is a great way to celebrate that milestone of a birthday. I do hope the snow doesn't interfere with the plans.


I had a very successful first experience with my WalMart grocery pickup. I even included a few non-grocery items to see if they would be filled. Everything was in stock when I placed my order on the app, but I expected some substitutions but only had two. The brand I requested was sold out, but the two items were replaced with a comparable brand. 


I actually arrived early  for the 1pm appointment. I called the number on the sign and told them I was 20 minutes early. They told me that it wasn't a problem and that they would be right out. It took ten minutes from the time I pulled in to the time I pulled out. This certainly beats spending time in the store, pushing a cart and then checking out, followed by finding the car and loading it yourself. I could be spoiled.  That was one very full trunk. I even had a Swiffer Wet Jet kit in the order, as well as the Equate version of Tylenol Arthritis. Let's not forget the Drano. I had fun getting things online that I anticipated needing in the next 30 days.


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Happy Birthday to your sister, Bernie.  


One of my neighbors is turning 100 Saturday the 25th.  The neighbors are getting together to do a drive by parade (they said cars, golf carts, or bicycles would do) her house, and she will be outside on the porch waving.  It is a shame when these special birthdays can't be celebrated the way we would like, but I'm sure your sister will enjoy your plans.


Good work with all your cleaning, Glenda.  Wonder if any of your friends or family live close enough to do a drive by birthday salute for your DH.  Just a thought. 


My DGD is graduating from college, and my DH's grandson is graduation from high school this year.  Really sorry they won't have the normal graduation experience. 


Glad you did so well with the WalMart pick-up Jean.  I won't need more paper towels for quite a while, but I will keep those in mind when I do.


Just received my car insurance bill for the "old" insurance company, and I called to cancel since I have signed up with another company.  Of course, they tried to talk me out of the change, but I was strong.  Their price was nearly $200 more than the price I paid with the new company for nearly the same coverage.  





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Linda L, a drive by parade would be fun, but my DH doesn't have any family nearby & it's on a Tuesday.  I wanted to do an Easter egg hunt with our 3 dgc, but that probably won't happen now that we have an additional 30 days added to the April 24th deadline.  Oh well, as long as we are healthy, he will be happy.  I will do something special.  Which right now, I have no idea what that will be.   Maybe a special SF dessert after we eat a drive thru dinner.  Lol.  I am not the most creative person in the world.