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Good morning ladies, let's see if I can post today.  I hope all are feeling better, no more sickness or hurt backs!  Linda my back hurts almost every day for the first hour after I get up.  The mattress is new, support may need some help so I don't know what the deal is.  I am really starting to miss my home this week. 


The weather is still horribly hot here, and there are a lot of warnings about fire now.  Hoping they get the fire close to Linda contained.


I've been shopping constantly.  I have a bunch of things for Christmas already, need to go send off a couple packages to Vegas DD (DH's, loving her new teaching position) and one to a new Mama at a previous employer.


That's about it.  I need to run to pet store today and want to get my pedicure.  Hugs to all!

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Weather has been very hot!!!

Fire is about 50 per cent contained. Only one structure reported to be affected. Last night they were asking for water and Gatorade. Today they don't need those items but plenty of other items.

Kathleen: you are really ahead of the game for Christmas! I know the teacher is appreciated.

Hugs to all

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Hello Ladies.....I feel your frustration with this posting Kathleen....I wonder why there is so much trouble.  I saw Rosas comment yesterday about changing her password.....I that now I get "oops incorrect password " message.  fUnny thing though it seems to work just fine if you want to purchase something.


Hope the fires in your area and LindaR,s will die down and it gets much cooler .  we have been having beautiful fall is suppose to go down in the 30's next few nights and 60's during the day.


How's your mom doing Twinny......Inam praying she will be able to get out for a few hrs and enjoy her b'day party.

LindaL hope your DH day goes well at the adult care center today.....I am guessing he goes every Wednesday?


Barbara sounds like you are having a nice time out in youngest lived out for a year when his job in Maine moved......he was lonely and after the year was up moved back to Maine yo a different job.


That's  about all....hoping mine will post too Kathleen.  sorry to Karen that her METS didn't win last night at home so now they are off yo LA for the final game tomorrow night.

Have a nice day everyone....   Marijane











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Hi Ladies...I have been plagued by the "signing in" issues, so hoping this works!!


Twinny, I feel for you, as it is a year ago that my Mom started with her issues - hospital stays, rehab, etc.  I hope your Mom does well.  Speaking from experience, take care of yourself along the way, as it is draining on the body, mind and spirit.  I'll be praying for your family.


LindaL, hope your back is better.  I am glad you have found a place for DH to go, to you give you some help.  Unfortunately, I know first-hand on this as well.  Your family is on my prayer list, as well.


Marijane, a disappointing game last night...but, off to LA to hopefully, get the job done!!!  We were sitting about 3 sections over from the 7 line group.  DH and my sons have gone to many of their "events" and have purchased quite a bit of their apparel.  They are a fun group.


Arlene, I hope your furbabies are behaving...your patience amazes me.  I would be "off the wall".


Kathleen, glad to read you are heading "home" for the weekend.  You are way ahead of me, too...Christmas shopping???  You go, girl.


LindaR, how close are those fires to you?


I'm just going to say "hi" to all I missed...I've been reading and thinking of all of you.  Back to work for me...enjoy!!!

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Good morning everyone, hope everyone are feeling well today. Thanks for starting the thread RC. You are waaay ahead of the Chirstmas shopping, good for you. I find if I start too early, I just end up spending more, but I don't like waiting till last minute either, kind of a catch-22, lol. Sorry it is still so hot where you are.


kittyfan, scary about the fire, glad they are at least getting it more contained, wishing them all the best with that, hope no one is injured.


Genny1 and ksmitty28, hi.


I don't remember if I posted yesterday, I know I logged in, but think I just got busy and forgot. Just came back in from raking some more, did the side yard today, 10 45-gallon trash cans full and there is still tons of leaves on the trees. This makes a total of 30 of these containers full that I have raked up so far. We are still allowed to burn here, so that's what I do. It has been dry here though, so I watch very closely and water the area around it down very well and add more water once everything has been burned, just in case. I'm still doing the deep knee bends to strengthen my legs, when I started I could only do 4 holding on (what the heck??), I am up to 15 now, so I am improving, still holding on though. I do them 3-4 times per day. I also need to start working on strengthening my core, as I am sure that also would help me. Will research what works well for that and see what I am able to do. So many of us with back issues, I know mine never stops hurting due to the arthritis.  Nothing much going on here, beautiful weather, but supposed to get pretty cold (upper 30's for lows) in the next day or two. Waves to all....

"To each their own, in all things".
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I posted late last night.  DH & I had a busy day in Madison getting an oil change for the Forester,  They gave us a free coupon for a car wash down the street.  In less than an hour they were all done. Then it was on to get some party supplies for mom's party on Saturday.  We had a nice lunch out & then stopped to see mom.  She was very confused as there are 3 Joyce's up there & she kept telling us that she had 2 different room numbers.  We get her mail each day & try to keep that up-to-date.  She keeps asking us to bring her some meds from home so that she can hide them in her room.   She called me last night & asked when I was going to take her home,  Our next door neighbor's married 32 y/o DD died unexpectedly last Sat. so we had her visitation this morming at a local park.  Went to see mom & she keeps saying she has had no PT or OT but she gets them twice a day.  My microwave is fixed.  YEAH!!!  Apparently the magnatron was put out of commission when we had our power outage on Saturday.  Hot tub time.  I did a little house cleaning this morning.  Now I can finish a little fall decorating around here.  I read your posts each night & hope that those that are ailing are feeling better.  It also looks like you are all keeping busy.  I paid some bills here this a.m. & took mom her check book so I could pay a couple of bills for her too.  Now I just need to find where she hides her stamps.  I did finally find her address labels.  Hugs to all of you.

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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Thanks for getting us started Kathleen.  You are really good getting your shopping started this early.  It is down to Amazon gift cards for DD and family, so that can wait for a while.  DH and I don't exchange gifts.  I used to pick things out for him to give me, but it just doesn't seem appropriate these days.  I do miss the whole gift exchange process, but I also let it get way out of hand in the past.  They usually have one or two gift events at church -- mostly for local children.   But, I'm sure that won't start until after Thanksgiving.


It was pretty nice this morning, but today should be another hot one here.  They are predicting cooler weather later in the week, and maybe the possibility of rain.  Hope you have fun when you return home.


My back is doing okay at the moment, but it was really bad this morning.  I was trying to help DH get dressed, and just could not bend over.  I ended up in tears, which is not normal for me.  Barbara had suggested ice, so I put an ice pack on, and I was able to get moving a bit.  And, we even took a slow walk.  I really don't know what caused the pain, but it can leave at any time.  Sorry you are having back troubles every morning -- that stinks.  And, I'm sorry others are also suffering from back pain all the time.


Glad that the fires are somewhat contained LindaR -- hope that they make even more headway today.  


Thanks Marijane -- my plan is to take DH to the day services every Wednesday, but I will need to pick him up early today (for his doctor appointment), and his DD will be here next Wednesday, so he will go on Friday instead.  To be honest, I am a little concerned about his TB test.  It may be totally unrelated, but he was having his TB test read today, and I saw this big red mark on his arm.  Not sure that was where the test was given.  Fingers crossed, he doesn't have TB.  He certainly doesn't have any symptoms.


Hi Karen -- thanks very much for your prayers.  They are much appreciated.  Sorry about your team losing last night -- hopefully things will go better for the next game.


You certainly have a ton of leaves, snicks.  Good for you with your exercising -- hope it helps.


Waves to Jean, Arlene, Bernie, twinny (praying for you), Susan, Rosa, Charlene, Barbara, Gayle, and all of our posters and readers.


I went to Wal-Mart after I dropped DH off, and bought an ice pack type of thing that can attach with velcro.  Looking forward to trying that out once it cools off.  That certainly sounds exciting.  LOL  I may try to take a nap since I didn't sleep well at all last night.


Hope everyone has a good day.






 ETA -- I am so sorry you are having to deal with all these issues with your Mom, twinny.  And, that is so sad about your neighbor's DD.  Prayers and special hugs to you.




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I just washed the floors so all of the housework is done for the week.  RC, I also hate hot weather so it was nice to be able to turn the furnace on this morning.  You have a great start on your Christmas shopping.  We only  buy for our 2 DC, their spouses & the 3 DGC.  We also do for each other, but usually something simple, as at this stage of our lives we have everything we need & more.  LINDA R, I am so sorry to hear about the fires in your area.  There is a no burn ban for our county which has been in effect for many years.  Marijane, & others. thanks for praying for our situation with mom.  She is not doing well with her memory & hates the place to be honest with you.  Karen, I still remember praying for your family when you were dealing with first your mom & then your dad.  SNICKS,  It sounds like you are busy with leaves.  We have two beautiful red maples in our front yard which are just starting to lose their leaves.  DH rakes & blows them to the street where they get picked up by the city.  LINDA L,  I hope that your back will be better real soon.  Prayers for you & DH that he does fine today at his new place.    I think that I read this his DD is coming next week.  That will be a nice break for you.    DH went to see our friend as he is struggling with different health issues too.  DH then will be home for dinner & off to another visitation this evening.  I am fixing pork chops & an acorn squash in the oven.  Hi to all that I may have missed this time around.   I am so glad that my microwave is fixed & the guy was so very nice.  I did hear that their customer service is 2nd to none.

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Hi girls!  Seems there no end of problems with this board.... Cat Frustrated


I ran out to do some errands, including a trip to the PO and I had to pick up some things from Sam's - can you believe they have their Christmas things out already?  Cat Frustrated  I hate how seasons are rushed; by the time holidays actually arrive they're anticlimactic and you're tired of them.


I just posted another ad for rehoming Angelica on a FB page for pets; I can't deal with her, she's making me miserable, and I'm sure she's not too happy being confined to a crate most of the time because she escapes if I leave her outside on a tie-up (and I don't want to deal with that witch from Animal Services ever again) and I have to keep an eye on her every second, as she chews everything she can get her paws on.  (Except, that is, for her chew toys!)  Today I took all three girls for a ride with me, and Angelica chewed up my last pair of good sunglasses that were in the door compartment of the car; the other day she chewed up the umbrella that was stashed way under the seat.  Enough!  She needs a home with kids who will wear her out.  Animals are supposed to bring you joy, not stress.  


Autumn's diarrhea has stopped (I guess the Pepto Bismol worked), but she still doesn't have much of an appetite.  She's fine otherwise, though - she doesn't seem to understand why I don't want to play fetch for hours at a time.


The new Kindle arrived, and it was so simple to just transfer everything over from the old one; I have to de-register that one and send it to my friend - hopefully she'll enjoy it.  I'm so thankful for the gentleman who sends me Amazon gift cards - they really help! 


LindaR, so sorry to hear about those fires; what particularly upsets me is their effect on the precious animals.

Twinny, I'm praying for you - I know how hard it is to deal with an elderly parent with health problems....especially when you have health problems of your own.


LindaL, might you be having a sciatica attack?  Last time I had one it just came on all of a sudden.  Maybe a chiropractor can help you.


Well, I have homework to attack and get out of the way; it's more than I had thought.  


Hi to everyone - have a blessed evening! 




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It's late, but I wanted to say God Bless you to all who are struggling with one thing or another.

Snicks, you are doing well. :-)
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