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They are featuring Fashion Day today.  Cute clothes.  Not too pricey at all compared to SG, D&C


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The quality is quite different too and not in a good way.

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Price never comes first with me.  I do buy clothing from them but mostly summer things.  I have been popping in and popping out all day and I haven't seen anything nice enough for me to buy.  You get what you pay for and what I saw was worth the low prices.  

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I have bought several of their fashion items, only one dress was a disappointment. I buy a lot of jambu and jsport shoes from them.

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I have many pieces from this channel that I've had for literally years and I still wear.

Good clothing should last wash after wash maintaining shape and color.

That's been my experience.


Try it out and make your own decision..

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They do have good prices. I’ve just never seen any fashion I was interested in buying. Most of their brands are not my style. 

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I am so over the sharkbite hem Some of the One World tops are cute but I don't like the embellishments.  Wish they offered petites.


I did notice they have some sort of flexi jeans too.  About $30.  Didn't like those embellishments or i would have tried them.

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saw nothing  different--same old stuff - got rid of alot of One World---boring!!!

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i buy most of my clothing at shop hq.   i live in a smallish town, and am a plus size.  kind of into the boho look.

probably 80% of my dresses are from there. (don't wear pants). 

 i find their sizing to be pretty consistant.  i wish they had more free shipping days tho. 

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I don’t like any of the fashions or brands from Shop HQ. None of the styles appeal to me.