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@LindaSal wrote:

They sell the models shoes?   They never look like they are wearing socks!!!  Yuck.

My pet peeve is the models who really don't have pretty feet, they should not be modeling sandals.  Also some of them (mostly hosts) don't have nice manicures either!  They should have to receive a manicure and pedicure, depending on what they are modeling, before they go on air. JMO

The modeling industry does have shoe models, it's just QVC chooses not to use them.  There are also hand models and again, QVC does not use them.


QVC uses the same models for everything.  Most of the models are tall.  Most tall models have big(ger) feet and larger hands.  Shoe models usually have small pretty feet.  Hand models have delicate hands with pretty nail beds.


Like QVC cannot afford to pay the agencies they use for specific types of models.

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@Chrystaltree  - I agree with you. Good to see all angles but the other evening the model only posed in the one pose. Never got to see how the shoe looks just naturally on the ground. Did not get to see the heel as the camera focused on the front of the model, never the side.

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@LindaSal I suppose it’s a realistic look as most people do not have pretty feet or nice manicures either😉.
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People try on shoes with their bare feet in the stores too. The shoes don't fit so back on the shelf they go. Oh wait, that pr is your size - grab them, try them on in your bare feet. No they don't fit me either, don't feel good, back they go on the shelf. Person #3 grabs the same pair, tries them on, nope, don't feel good. Guess what, back they go.


We all - or the vast majority does the same thing.

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@NJgirl 1205  I suppose you're right but I would never wear sandals out if my feet did not look nice, never mind having a close up on national television!!  LOL