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Question for you all....I ordered the large cuff girlfriend jeans and had to return as defective due to never being able to rid the very strong chemical odor which transfered to my skin and made me feel sick.  no lie....  trust me, I washed them 4 times, stronger Tide each time.


Are the dip dye jeans chemical odor free???


There is no chemical odor.  I've never received anything that had the chemical odor people complain about.




Ditto for me!


No smell at all

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I searched for them because of your post. I am not sure they would look good on me.  I am short and evern with my weight loss I don't think they would help my appearance. When and if the price drops I might try them.  Always looking for AS IS.

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I bought the SG dip dye jeans in yellow, and I really like them. I have several tops that they'll go with, and they fit great. They may be a straight leg at the bottom opening but I didn't find them to be bells, nor did they have any chemical smell.

They're just cute jeans with a great fit. I'm glad I decided to buy them.

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Out of curiousity I checked this out.  It appears that they are available at least in the regular sizes.


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@RespectLife. Mine are not belled, but they are straight legged and not tight. Not skinny jeans on me. I hope this helps.

I did go back and get the teal. They were back in stock — maybe returns? Or do returns have to be sold as-is?
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Re: SG dip dye jeans

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Returns do NOT have to be sold 'As is'


You can tell it was a return if it has a square reprinted label with finer print.



Original labels are rectangles.



I'm a little bummed, I know I don't have athletic calves or anything...but mine are DEF bells.


They flare right out at the bottom.


I wouldn't pay money to have them altered, but maybe I can take them in a bit.


So weird as others said no bells and they are not pictured as such.



Thanks @cosmic1