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SG / LOGO similar print / color


Lori just showed a sleeveless knit dress and the print/color of the maize abstract choice looks similar to something SG had on last night .... printed mesh cardigan set in yellow.


The color of the LOGO dress comes across on my TV much brigher yellow than it does on the computer.


I'm a big fan of abstract and geometric prints  - a nice change from florals which I really, really, really don't like


I have the SG in neutral.  I wear it with gray pants and gray shoes.





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Re: SG / LOGO similar print / color

They prob use the same manufacterers..............these days you really can't tell one of the Q designers from the next....they are all doing the "trendy" thing

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Re: SG / LOGO similar print / color

I like the Graver print more—less abstract and “paintbrush” stroke looking. It’s crisper, and parts of it almost look airbrushed. (Truth be told, though, I’m the opposite of you; I never wear these geometric prints and much prefer florals.)