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I think we all know by now that the Q sells very little anymore that is a bargin, they are truly just like any other store price wise. If they didn't give easy pay and deliver there would no doubt be no need for most of us to shop with them. I agree with the OP about that particular garment and defend her right to voice her opinion.

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Really ?!? Lace Cardigan !! Seriously !!



Don't worry!  Before long the Q will be selling it at a:  1) clearance price 'cause it didn't sell at original price; 2) 'as is' price 'cause sizing is always off!Woman LOL

So true! Here's another example. Couple months ago Qvc offering SG short sleeve tops (liquid knit) fancy term *polyester* clearance ordered two styles, Both range in price 39.00 to 45.00 without ship & tax added. Scratchy thin cheap!! Wouldn't pay any amount!! Then again I'm not one who owns abundance of anything, Selective about my purchases. Not only with clothes. Less is more. Instead, Chose invest money into retirement, Last year 57 retired. So PLEASE! Enjoy SG and anything else you want. I'll keep on enjoying my choices.💃
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@Kachina624  Yeah - it's a shame that I can't just throw away my money on any garbage I see but I worked very hard to earn my money and I appreciate it's value, and I don't spend it on Junk.

You've posted some of the items you bought and some of them were no bargain and nothing I'd want to own so yeah, to me you did buy junk. 

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Now here is an oxymoron - Good polyester. 

Just like the Halston TSV jacket with knit sleeves. 


That's polyester...

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She is kinda pricey sometimes, but so is every other decent brand out there these days. She has gone up a lot it seems. Everyone else has too. But, women will stick with the brands they like no matter what. I think it is funny that women will spend hundreds of dollars on one purse or a pair of shoes but think a $60 shirt is ridiculous. It is all overpriced and women will buy it anyhow. Now, whether her clothes are worth it, probably not, but neither are some of the brands within the same price range. I think it just comes down to what you like and what you are willing to pay for it.

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My concern is the push by hosts to purchase on "easy pay".  They hardly mention the total price.  That being said, if you like it and can afford it, buy it.

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I am sure one could find a similar item at Walmart for less than $20.

Perhaps. But note the term "similar." Sometimes mart store items look similar to something more expensive, but the quality (in materials and workmanship) is not the same. For example, my daughter owns a fuzzy jacket from Walmart which is an obvious copy of a North Face jacket. Yes, it's "similar." But the quality is nothing like a real North Face jacket -- she knows it and I know it, but in this case it didn't matter to her. Same with many boots that are similar to Uggs-style boots. Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes people want (and are willing to pay for) the real deal. (Which is not to say that my daughter hasn't found many reasonably priced, fairly good quality items at Walmart, with some careful shopping, that work just fine for her current needs or for a specific purpose.)

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Over and over again posters on this board insult the intelligence of those of us who know SG is worth what we pay for it.


Just because you don't like Susan or don't like good poly doesn't mean those of us who buy it are stupid.


Just because something is less expensive doesn't make it worth what people ask.  I've had $10 and $15 dollar items from some very well shopped chains that weren't worth even that!   I've never once had that experience with anything Graver.


Lots of things that others think are worth what people are paying, I never want to own.  Doesn't mean the items not not worth the amount people are paying. And I don't think the people are stupid for buying them.  I just don't want them for me.





Frustrating huh? Yet I can't count how many times I've seen you jump in to a conversation to tell us how poor the quality is of an establishment many of us choose to shop at. And when asked to explain how you arrived at such a conclusion, given we've all experienced it quite differently, i.e., identical fabrications, washes well, lasts forever, etc. you ignore the question?

I don't care if something isn't in your wheelhouse or just not your taste; you're certainly entitled to your opinion but perhaps you could put into practice what you're asking for from others??