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@Ricki Lynn wrote:

Not all knitted scarves are heavy.. This one is made with a very light weight yarn and I wore it to my 50th high school reunion in the month of September:                                           



@Ricki Lynn   That’s beautiful. Just love the colors (no surprise, has turquoise), but especially the way you styled it. 

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I also watched that Isaac show and thought those thick scarves looked ridiculous with the t-shirts.  The models looked like they were wearing neck braces.


I used to wear scarves as colorful jewelry in the 80-90's, winter and summer.  Just got tired of the look, I guess.  I do wear heavy knit scarves with my winter coats, but not for every-day wear any more.   

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@ALRATIBAThat sounds like a cool idea. I have a large link belt that I think it might work. Thanks for the great informationWoman Very Happy