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Do you like the sleeves on this top?


Banana Republic Factory ruched sleeve top $22.49 available in four colors





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I think the style of the sleeves is lovely!  It adds to a simple top and gives it appeal in my opinion.  Very nice!!!!!

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I like that very much.  I have a few with ruched sleeves and I like the look.

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Just not my preferred style.

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The sleeves on this top are nicely done, but overall I'm a little tired of the ruched concept!

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Ruched sleeves don't work for me unfortunately 

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I like the length but not the ruching.  It looks too formal on a simple, casual tee shirt. 

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It's not the ruching but the length of the sleeves I do not like.  

If the sleeves were long it would work I like short or cap sleeves.