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This is such a pretty color - 84% cotton; 16% linen so it is lightweight.  Textured Dolman Sleeve $79 #148291 @ JJill.  I would wait for JJill's sale as they always have them but then I am on a fixed income so I will wait for the sale.  Two other colors offerered.


Image for Textured Dolman-Sleeve Pullover                                                                                                  from JJill

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The sleeves look like they shrank in the wash.  Are they meant to be 3/4 sleeves.

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I just got a shirt that same color! From Nordstrom but it was supposed to be more of an aqua! LOL it's caslon if you like it 20190308_094700.jpg

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Mine is cotton and modal

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@Andreatoo  That color is so pretty and spring looking.

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@Andreatoo   Such a pretty color on you!  I like the Caslon brand too.  It's always nice quality.

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My computer must be off. It doesn't look blue,but a greeny-blue.

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It is. More of an aqua