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What do you think of the Rhonda Shear bra.  I am big busted.  40DD.  Thoughts from anyone who buys these.



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I've tried them twice.  Hate them!  Feels like I'm wearing a rubber band.  The material was awful. I'm a 40C.  

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I wore them after my cancer surgery in 2019 because I could sleep in them and they were very soft.  I wouldn't wear them if I needed a support bra, like exercising.  If you feel like you need a lot of support, I don't think I would recommend them.  I didn't find them uncomfortable though--I wear a 36C

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I prefer a conventional bra but they do serve a purpose. They, bras like them, were a g-d send after my bypass surgery!

Now her strapless bra, on the other hand, is one of the better versions of that particular horror show

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I've returned every bra I've ordered from her line. Not nearly enough support for me. 40D

and saggy. The bands roll up under my breasts like a tourniquet because my extra fifteen pounds is in my midsection. Horribly unflattering on me 

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I wear her original Ahh Bras as my full time bra for years now. I like the ones with pockets for the modesty pads. The key is to get them large enough so you have lots of breathing room, I am a 38C and I wear the 2X in these. When she says she is a DD and wears the Large, it makes me cringe. Or when she says to shop your top size. 

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@disneynut57   I am also 40DD (size 12 with XL tops) and have a few like that from years ago.  I always wore one of her regular with no underwire underneath it and it was comfortable and looked good but without two not enough support.  They are thin and breathable.  I can wear both L and XL in her bras.  If you get them don't make the  mistake of getting too big as you will just flop around in it (no other way to put it).   They do have a lot of stretch.

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Those "shop your top" bras have never worked for me.  Just as the disappointment fades from my last return of one of her bras, I buy the next one, yet have to return that style as well.  That cycle ended for me about a year ago. I'm a 40DD. 



It is not my experience at all that a Large top/Large Rhonda Sheer Bra will work the same for a B cup as well as a DD cup.  Absolutely no support for me, and I'm not even talking about for a sports bra.  Just as a sleeping bra, fine, but wearing outside my home, no.



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I CAN tell you they are OK.....if you wear a 32.......

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I have tried various styles, not enough support.