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I think it depends on the bust  I have nothing so they have nothing to support but if i was large they are not going to lift and flatter

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I'm fairly large busted and I have doubled them up for more support. I haven't done this with the lace ones, however. 

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Re: Rhonda Shear

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I love these bras because they fit me very well however I am very thin, have broad shoulders but very small you know... and the padding is fantastic. The lace can even show a little if you wear something on top like a shirt/ dress with some cleavage and I have them in very single color. My size is S and they run small. If you are like me today is the day and the quality is awesome 3 in one pack🌻As for the support, well in my case there not much to support.

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Thanks ladies for your input.  I decided to pass on them for now.  But I am keeping them in mind for later.

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I love her styles & designs of bras because they very much are like the styling of Genie bras that used to be here.  I tried those, love them, is all I wear since they were introduced at the Q.


So I have tried Rhonda's in the past. Unfortunately many of her styles do not have removable pads inside. I'm a small girl on top and love the little extra boost in Genie bras. I sent back Rhonda's due to no padding.


I thought I'd try yesterday's hsn offer but then I chose to cancel. They were pretty (she makes very pretty bras and everyday ones too). They did have pads too but I cancelled anyway. Many of her styles do not have pads.


I've ordered Genie bras direct from their website. Don't know why but the quality STINKS. We gripe about quality control sometimes here but their's is absolutely ridiculous. I've returned everything I bought and will NEVER order from them again. The bras there are NOTHING like what they offered here years ago.


I will go to and order 'coobies' instead as I've tried in the past - very nice, great colors, fit well, removable pads. And they take pride in their beautiful packaging.

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I just received my TSV and these are the most comfortable RS bras yet! I've not had the best fit with hers in the past even being small busted. But THESE are wonderful ❤️❤️❤️  I'm going to order more

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@Mustang Shar wrote:

I just received my TSV and these are the most comfortable RS bras yet! I've not had the best fit with hers in the past even being small busted. But THESE are wonderful ❤️❤️❤️  I'm going to order more


@Mustang Shar

Thank you SO much for this review! I like this bra style (have the Genie version) and wasn't sure how Rhonda's would work.  Great to know you are happy!

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I received them and they really do give more support than her 1 layer original ahhh bra, but I think depends on cup size , I'm a B. My only complaint is that if wearing t-shirt, the lace shows through... I think I'm keeping them even though. 

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I think Ahh Bras do offer some support, but it is not the type of firm support one will get from a traditional bra whether you are a 32C as I am or a 38DD. Doubling helps, but if I'm going to that trouble, I prefer opting for a wireless structured bra.  


I lean toward agreeing with @Skyegirl21 comment regarding why Rhonda appears so shaped and enhanced in her Ahhs.  The models may have that type of enhancement too. It's also possible the models could be enhanced using a product like Nubra (silicone stick on enhancers developed to be worn with garments which don't look right with regular bras). The Nubra would shape the breasts beneath the Ahh Bra, but be undetectable.  Rhonda wouldn't be the first brand to use tricks to make underwear/foundation garments look better on models for advertising/sales purposes.  


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