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Review of J Jason Wu twist neck blouse

Surprise! Nary a twist in sight?! Which, truth be told, I could've lived with. It's just a droopy mock neck. A pretty color and what appears to be decent construction; nice hand. Unfortunately it has those tiny buttons with the elastic. After some struggling and turning it around I got the button secured. I didn't bother with both. Undoing the button was a different story and After a couple minutes struggle the button simply came off! The shirt is going back ☹️
This is the second time in so many weeks that the Q has misrepresented the product in the description name. I did go back and examine the pictures and it's virtually impossible to tell if there is indeed a twist...

. They may want to consider naming a garment only after they've actually seen it in person! 🙄

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Re: Review of J Jason Wu twist neck blouse



I just looked at the pic - it looks like the "twist" isn't really a twist but rather what happens when you fold something cut on the bias.  You can also see the fabric "twisted" around the back opening in one of the pics.


Looks like shoddy manufacturing.


He would have been better off using a short invisible zipper at the back.