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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

@Janey2 I know right? When the refrigerator was ordered they did not say it was back ordered but to order we had to give them our cc. We were told if we canceled our payment it would cancel the order of the fridge. 

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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

@cjm61 not worried about the crop pants, just wondered if anybody else got this notice from QVC

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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants



I've never received the same notice as you did.  I have gotten emails from QVC after an order has shipped, advising me of what I already know, that the delivery date will be delayed.

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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

We just had to get a new refrigerator. We were lucky as it was in stock & got it 10 days later. We could have gotten it in two days but our schedule didn’t permit it. On the sales receipt, it said orders may take 12 weeks. That was PC Richards
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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

@cjm61 wrote:

Unfortunately, this is the way it's been for most retailers, even Amazon has some future ship dates several weeks out. What surprised my husband and I was purchasing a refrigerator. We are limited in space so didn't have many options. We purchased the fridge 2 weeks ago, THEN a week later received an email it was back ordered until July. Okay, no biggie. We can wait a month. Then a few days later we learned it won't be delivered for 2 more months!!! Yet, they took the $5,000 from us without question. My son purchased some sort of premade metal building 2 years ago at a cost of $40,000. Yep, they took his money and he still does not have the building. At this point, I don't worry about a top or capri's not available. Plus, QVC doesn't charge until it's shipped so at least you don't have to worry about putting out $1,000's of dollars and not having the item. 


Painful lesson learned for your son. No way would I have given up $40,000 up front. I can understand a deposit, unless that was the deposit. I hope that he has looked into other avenues to get his money back.


That is not right!!

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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

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@Tonichangedthetrendsetter wrote:
Anyone else order these and get an email today that says “sorry, these are not available to ship and don’t know if or when they will be”. ? I placed my order while they had the size and color in stock that I wanted. The email doesn’t say back order or now on waitlist. Only that they don’t have them.

I decided to order them the day after the TSV. I'm got my shipment notice this morning.

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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

Supply chain issues are everywhere, but it really irritates me when QVC will sell something and even say they have it in stock and it turns out to be an outright fib.  Last October I ordered a GILI TSV sweater/jacket/thing and Jill Martin made a point to say they were IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.  I waited and waited and finally in December was so fed up with it that I cancelled the order. 

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Re: Renee’s TSV crop pants

Just had the same thing happen with Land's End.  Ordered 4/24 expected on 6/22!