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I'd wonder what her DH wears to offer fashion opinion.
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@wishylady,  What is Renee wearing on her ankles.  She has on some very pale pink shoes (I think that's the color) but then she has something black around the ankles.  What are the black things?   Cat Very Happy

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@traveler wrote:
I'd wonder what her DH wears to offer fashion opinion.

He has freedom of speech. Also, it was his opinion that this was not very attractive on the models. I thought the same thing about this TSV.

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I saw this set as a short women this top will go down to my knees .. a pass on this.

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I can't wear 2 piece sets because I am not the same size on top and bottom. I also do not like pants that tight or voluminous tunic tops. Just not my style. 

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I think her pants (Women with Control) are fabulous.  I've bought all types -- pinstripe, long, ankle, boot cut, and they look expensive and wear terrific.  I remember decades ago my mother-in-law wearing polyester pants and I thought, God help me if I ever get in that groove.  These pants look nothing like the poly of yesterday.  So appreciate she makes most of them in cotton/span blend.


And Renee is looking great!