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Re: Remember maternity tops????

I don't think it's about hiding a pregnancy as much as it's about wearing appropriate clothing. I no longer wear a size ten. I'm 63 and have a child that's 36. I'm a plus size but I can go to any plus size store and buy clothing that 20 year olds wear. They make them in my size. That doesn't mean they look good on me. I'm sure dh and ds' wouldn't want to see it or feel proud either! There is more appropriate and comfortable clothing available.
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Re: Remember maternity tops????

My pregnancies were in the 70s and I was a walking blimp -- both were 10-plus pounds.


i was excited to be showing enough to wear maternity clothes and super excited to be back in regular clothes.


I wore an empire maxi dress to death.  Living in southern CA I would not have wanted a tank hugging my body like that -- way too hot and sticky.



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Re: Remember maternity tops????

It was all I wore even when I wasn't big enough. I worked for an insurance company and you could not wear maternity tops. My friend needed to work and hid it for six months. No rules like that today thankfully.

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Re: Remember maternity tops????

One of my friends (in her late 60s) has updated her wardrobe to include numerous LOGO-type tops.



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Re: Remember maternity tops????

 I do not think either our daughter or DIL chose to wear maternity clothes.  That's not to say either wore skin tight clothes.  Both did wear 2 piece bathing suits.


I was pregnant with twins in the mid 1970s.  I was a flower child so was able to wear a lot of my wardrobe throughout most of my pregnancy.  When it came to jeans, I bought larger ones and wore them under the babies. During the summer I was a few months pregnant so wore my 2 piece bathing suits.


If you've ever been to public outtings in warm weather, you see plenty of people of all sizes showing body parts many would think should be covered.  To single out pregnant women I find offensive.


We live in Italy part-time.  Women and men of all ages and sizes bare themselves when it gets hot.  While it is not the norm here, grandma and grandpa in a bikini or Speedo is commonplace.  Going topless is not unusual.