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Re: Reformed shopaholics week of April 14

The weather is warming up..but it is still ok without th ac on. There is a storm moving through tomorrow night that will lower the temps for a couple of days.


I am not as dizzy today....only one more infusion left. My foot is feeling better..the antibiotic is helping.


Linda..trying to plan for our later years is scary. We do have long term care insurance if we ever need it. My kids want us closer to them when we become

Glad you enjoyed your lunch...I think you will find it easier to go out . As I said, I never go without a mask and we only eat atvresyaurants with outdoor seating.


 Laudia..does acupuncture help r.I have had it many times and find it very helpful. You need tontake care of yiur self. Too. 

enjoy the rest of yiur day. Q🌵🌵💕

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Re: Reformed shopaholics week of April 14

Good Afternoon/Evening!  I don't think we are expecting any storms (at least no rain), but they are predicting the same type of weather here, Barbara.  Tomorrow should be warmer today, but then cooler on Monday and much cooler on Tuesday.  By next Thursday, it is supposed to back in the 90's.  


Glad you are not as dizzy today, and your foot is better.  I have long term care insurance, but I hope I don't need to use it.  Or, I have enough for the time that I do. 


DH's friend called me this afternoon and talked and talked.  He has a friend who lives in Florida -- in his mid 80's and is in bad shape.  He and his wife are considering moving to assisted living, but DH's friend thinks it might be better to hire someone to come in for a few hours every day.  He even did some research on the options, and it would cost less than long-term care for 5 hours a day for help at home.  Anyway, he may go down to Florida to talk to him about the idea.  


He also told me several stories about having items he and his wife bought over the years restored.  One was a full-size carousel horse, and he ended up hiring a specialist who works as a contractor for the Smithsonian to move the horse to a specialist in restoration.  It was quite a story -- involved building a special crate for the horse, etc. 


I might appreciate looking at something like that in a museum or mansion, but can't imagine owning one myself.  


You are correct, I am sure I will start to feel more comfortable going out, but taking baby steps at this point.


Hope both of you and your husbands have a nice evening and sleep well.






P.S. I saw someone posted that the bathing suit you ordered was a winner, Barbara.  Hope you like it.

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Re: Reformed shopaholics week of April 14

Barbara, It's acupuncture is called battlefield acupuncture.. Small pins in each ear.I think he has 5 in each ear. It was used in Vietnam in the field when wounded had to wait to be medevaced. It does help. He was skeptical at first. Soon you'll be done with those iron infusions.


I mowed out back this afternoon. As I mowed I noticed the temperature dropped noticeably. It definitely felt like rain but it hasn't rained yet.


R has a muzzleloader shoot tomorrow. It will be the first he's attended this year.  He decided to take a cane so he doesn't "walk like a duck".


We got a 2nd estimate today but it's so low I question the quality of the materials.  It didn't list the brand of the composite wood to be used either. The Amish contractor on t!he other hand told us the brand he uses. It also doesn't include the whole roof just them part over the back porch (why would we only do that portion?).  Still hoping for the third estimate.


If I won the lottery I'd consider a carousel horse, Linda. However that's not likely to happen especially since we seldom buy a ticket. Lol.


I told R about an estate sale next week of a huge collection of antiques - country, primitive, and farmhouse. There were photos posted and it was quite an impressive collection. 15 years ago I'd be standing in line early. Now it's just too difficult to navigate an old house and if you find something get it downstairs and loaded. If I  am looking for a piece it's easier to head to an antique store or mall and have it carried out and loaded.


I hope everyone has a good evening.