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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of September 5

We spent the afternoon at the local Marine Corps League. A so called picnic but everyone was inside. A rather somber one. R is a life member but until recently hasn't attended meetings.


I kept a cookbook of mother's because I had noted the connection with the local league named after General Pendleton (as in Camp Pendleton). Funds for the building were donated by his daughter who lived locally. Anyway the cookbook was written by the daughter, signed by her, and dedicated to her father. They were more than willing to take the cookbook. Portraits of father and daughter hang at the league. I had packed the cookbook away and recently found it again.


It sounds like a long day for you, Barbara. Boarding the dogs will take at least 2 weeks. $$.


Linda, when we took trips I had a difficult time deciding what to pack.


Have you read Louis' blog on his trip? He was delayed getting there.

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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of September 5

Just read about Louis' trip issues, Claudia.  I can't imagine having to go through all that.  At least they made it there and had a good trip.  I am not ready for overseas travel at this point.  Maybe next year.