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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of September. 19

Good for your DD, Linda. That certainly was challenging. It seems Saturday will be an active day for you.


R's not so good day continued into the evening. Wednesday he ended up with some burns on his right forearm while working in the garage. Last night they got worse. I was just getting ready for bed when he said he thought he'd better go to the ER. So off we went. It turns out it was the start of cellulitis. Glad we caught it early. I had only seen it on a leg before. I guess it's common to be on a leg or even the face but is unusual to develop on burns on an arm. We got home about midnight. R is on an antibiotic. They gave him one capsule last night and I picked up the prescription on the way home with Tippy.


We picked the dogs up early this morning. Griffyn was so happy he hugged and pawed, and fussed most of the way home. When I went back for Tippy she was very standoffish and still is. Our furry drama queen is displeased about being picked up last. She loosened up enough at the drive thru pharmacy line to accept a biscuit (one has to keep one's strength up you know).


I don't need to take the dogs back for grooming next week. There were 2 cancellations so they groomed them yesterday.


It's a chilly day. I really need to start the closet switch but it won't happen today. Definitely going to bed early tonight.


Now what bin are my sweaters in?

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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of September. 19

It is cool here again..only about 62.Mmturned the heat on last night which made the house much more comfortable. By Monday it is forecast to be in the low 80s. Vs room was pretty chilly so I turned the heat on here too.


The baby blanket should be finished tomorrow. I am ready to work on something else.


Syd got her letter jacket on Friday..She has patches up both arms for all of the activities she has lettered in.,she will have more to come.


Linda..great that dd completed her first job that sounded very complicated. I hope you are enjoying yiur day. Moab has beautiful rock formations and a wonderful drive up the river. Plus the town is fun to explore.We have been there a few times on our way back to mn


Claudia,,glad r caught the cellulitis early. Mine cleared up very quickly. I bet the pups were happy to get back home. I bet tye porch is lovely. 

Have a good night.  

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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of September. 19

Good Evening!  We visited several places today -- nice views, but not my favorites.  It was almost 5:00 p.m. when we made it to Moab, and another lady and I decided to go out to dinner early since restaurants were very busy.  We leave quite early tomorrow because Arches fills up quickly, and they don't admit people once that happens.


Glad R caught his problem early, Claudia.  I hope he is better soon.  Your dogs are real characters.  Glad they were groomed earlier than anticipated.


We are having warmer weather here, Barbara.  Still chilly in the morning.  Glad M turned on the heat, and you are almost finished with the baby blanket.


Poor DD had an assignment today -- after she printed out 500 pages and drove to the client, she was told that they had changed their minds and were going to sell the house rather than refinance.   They told the mortgage company, and they neglected to tell the title company.  Naturally, the title company was not happy, and DD only will get a small travel fee.  The papers she printed out and  had flagged for signature, are not re-reusable.  Oh well.


Hope both of you sleep well.