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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of May 2

Darn, lost my post. 


I hope you enjoyed the pool if you went, Barbara. Yikes regarding poor Pepper. I hope she is back to her mischievous self soon. Only packing travel clothes will be much easier for you.


Enjoy those lilies, Linda. R never thinks of buying flowers. Well, he did once or twice but I got the bill. Lol. I do try to pick up a couple pots of pansies for outside and maybe a larger mixed pot. 


The day warmed up to almost 50°. It felt good to see the sun after a few rainy days.


I considered making reservations for Sunday brunch at a historic inn but It's neck is still bothering him and it seemed like too much effort to get dressed and drive the 15 miles. Maybe Father's Day we'll feel like going.


I splurged and ordered a tablet holder in a Santa Fe pattern from Wendell August Forge. They're known for their handcrafted metalware. I may order A phone holder for R. Maybe in a plaid pattern. He often watches instructional videos when working on his various projects and a phone holder would make that easier.