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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of June 27)

It is a warm afternoon but no humidity..that will pick up tomorrow. 

maria and syd are painting. She is my former cleaning lady..would love to have her clean ms house once a month but I don't think that will happen.


V is looking at the prep book for the ACT...I think it is giving him a He can still do a lot of math in his head.


Linda..I got yiur message yesterday I had some trouble logging I was still logged in.folks were saying to clean out yiur cache and that should work. 

Claudia, I too am the oldest. My brothers are 3&1/2 and 8 years younger. Pepper is really looking good. I think she will reach her goal weight f 10# by the end of August.

she never has mats. Has the meat successfully been smoked ???

Have a great day.👼👼

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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of June 27)

Good Afternoon/Evening!  Finally able to get back in after trying several things like removing cookies, changing password, etc.  Not sure if I will try to change back my nickname since I don't want to mess things up.


We did have some rain today -- not heavy or a lot, but good.  The temperature also went down quite a bit.  


Yesterday was a difficult day -- lots of little issues.  First, my old broker sent an e-mail that my monthly statement was ready.  That resulted in at least 30 minutes of trying to get into the account.  An on-line chat session finally helped.  How crazy!  Anyway, after that I had the problem here and misplaced/lost my cell phone charger.  Fortunately, I have a new charger plus found the old one.  


There were a few more hospice deliveries yesterday, and one of the ladies was in very bad shape.  When you see someone like that, you realize that you need to count your blessings.


Hope your weather was okay today, Claudia.  My first dog got a some of those mats, and she didn't appreciate my working on them at all.


Since there were only two of us in my family, I am the only one left.  And, my parents, aunts, uncles, etc. are all gone.  My Dad's brothers only had three kids, and two of them were stepkids.  My older cousin died quite a few years ago (I hadn't seen or heard from him for many, many years).  I think the other two (older) are still living, but I have no idea.  On my Mom's side, there were quite a few cousins and step cousins (I guess that is what to call them -- her stepsister's kids).  Some/most live in CA or Florida, but again I haven't had any contact in many years.  Thank goodness I have DD and family plus two nephews and two greats (niece and nephews).  My SIL is six years younger.  


Glad the painting is progressing, Barbara.  That is funny about V  and the ACT prep.  That was the test I took in high school, and I guess I did okay on most parts, but not the math.  At least I didn't have to take remedial math like some.  No prep courses/books back in the day.  


I enjoyed meditation this morning, and I think this was probably the best I have done so far.  


This morning I had a bit of a panic when I thought my new washer couldn't handle the mattress cover.  Finally figured that I needed to have it on the bulky items setting.  But, for a while there I thought I would be spending time at the laundromat.  Whew!


Hope both of you and your husbands have a nice evening and sleep well.







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Re: Reformed Shopaholics week of June 27)

No rain yet and I got the backyard mowed. The temperature is in the 70's. Earlier I we not out and picked up an order from Taco Bell for R. The "dingbat" gene struck again. I was handed the drink after I paid. I put it in the cup holder and drove off. I pulled in the driveway and thought " where's the rest of the order ". Back I went. Smh.


Lots of traffic on the streets driving home the 2nd time as the parade was over. There are too many people who follow the vehicle in front of them and block the intersections. I drove several blocks further than usual before I was able to  make a left turn.


I'm glad you were able to get back on the forums, Linda. It took me two sign in attempts this morning. What a day you had yesterday. At least everything's been resolved. I'm glad you didn't need to go to the laundromat. I just washed a quilt and used the bulky setting on our washer.


V is brave to tackle the ACT prep, Barbara. It will be so nice when the painting is done at M's.


R takes a fluid pill but lately his legs stay swollen. I think I convinced him not to double up on his pills before talking to his doctor.


R intended to smoke some meat today but got busy making adjustments to the smoker then fell asleep after his Taco Bell lunch.


Have a good evening.