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Re: Reformed Shopaholics Easter week April4

Good Afternoon/Evening!  That is quite a temperature drop, Claudia.  They are predicting a high of 90 degreed here.


Glad you are feeling better and got plenty of rest.  I try for 7 hours, but often don't sleep that long.  That means that I usually get sleepy in the afternoon/early evening, so I take naps (try to keep it down to 20-30 minutes).  Sometimes, I have some pain, but other times it is just my brain in overdrive and wakes me up.  That is a shame about the wildfire.  It is so dry here that we have "red flag" warnings when it is windy.


Sorry you are a bit dizzy, Barbara.  Glad you have the cleaning service so that you don't have to do as much as you used to do.  It is nice that M recognizes how much you and V helped her when she needed it.  But, it is never fun going through those rough times.


The new washer was delivered about an hour ago, and I am doing my first "test load".  They suggested doing a load of things that would not be ruined if some packing oil was in the washer (not that they expected it happen).  They called early this morning, and said they would be here between noon and twp, and were here not long after noon.  They said my valves were corroded and replaced them.  Super nice installer, and very efficient.  


I spent quite a while moving all the furniture out of the way, and I have put back most of it.  My new shower curtain rod came, and I put it up.  So far so good.  I was a little worried that I might fall (standing on the step ladder), so I wore my medical alert.  Fortunately, that didn't happen.


Sort of feel like a kid at Christmas as the moment.  Silly, I know.


It was nice on my walk this morning, and I have done a little cooking.  Need to do the laundry, weekly financial review, and some more exercising as usual.


Hope both of you and your husbands have a nice evening and sleep well.









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Re: Reformed Shopaholics Easter week April4

Linda..just read yiur post on the other thread..I have 3 pairs of the flexibelle crops and love them. They fit me perfectly in my usual,size 12  or medium. I have no hips and long legs that are normal,to slender so it is hard to get pants to fit. I have had one pair for over a year and they look fine. It is a stretchy denim so I would not be comfortable when the temp gets really hot here.


I do like them

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Re: Reformed Shopaholics Easter week April4

Another lovely day here. We got another bag of mulch for out front plus picked up a different shower head for the upstairs shower. This one includes a handheld one. We should have specified one when the bathroom was remodeled.


Earlier I read the wildfire was only 10% contained and they were flying in a firefighter hotshot team from NM. The latest update now says 80% contained. 


Barbara, I'm sorry you still have the dizziness. So glad you have the cleaning service already set up.  Very nice M realizes  how much you helped her when needed. I know Adam is grateful for the help he had.


I'm glad the washer arrived and you were pleased with the installers, Linda. Enjoy it.  I'm glad you wore your medical alert when installing the shower rod.


I did order the tsv in navy. I have a lug ranger/Rodeo combo from last year in grey plaid and it works well for me.


I'm one that needs at least 7 hours sleep to fully function. Once awake I usually don't nap. 


Until I decide what to do with the upstairs bookcase it's in the upstairs hall near the stairs. Spookit, the long haired stray from last fall has decided to be a shelf ornament on it. I bought it years ago from my former work partner. Her fiancee then husband was a contractor and built it from solid hickory.


Have a good evening.