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Own some beautiful  black UGGS .  Got ready to buy a red jacket

........ all of a sudden this fear came over me.




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My sister ( size 3X ) and I ( size XL ) both used to be conservative with colors.  However,  I bought my sister a red Susan Graver coat last year, and she looks stunning in it.  I now have teal and cranberry coats for myself. I vote for you to Buy what you love!

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@Nataliesgramma   Do not limit yourself or put yourself down.  Sad and baad enough that others try to do so, even though some are "well intentioned."  


If you want the red--buy it. When you wear it it will make you smile because you can wear something you love with confidence.


Dress for yourself!





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Absolutely!!!!  I

Doesn't matter what color it is..if it speaks to you and makes you feel good..go for it.  It doesn't matter what size you wear.  Because you love it you will rock it!  

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Go for it.


Apples are good for you.


And who cares what anyone thinks anyway.

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You have piqued my interest....item # please.

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@Nataliesgramma -

Red is such a cheery happy color!

I think if you feel confident and happy in it, you will be beautiful and people will notice, in a good way!

I also have found if you wear bright happy colors, it makes other people feel good too. You can tell by people's comments liking it.

Red is also a power color and makes you feel that way-strong and pwerful. That is a woman's top executive color!

Or just our anyday gorgeous coat!

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@Nataliesgramma.  Why in the world would you not wear a red coat.....or red anything you love?  As long as the color is flattering to your skin tone,  GO FOR IT!!!  Life is too short.

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Somehow I always feel warmer in the winter when wearing a red coat. 

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@Nataliesgramma wrote:

It's for me.....I wear an XL


I am in love with a red coat from Susan Graver. I always buy black or Navy when I get a coat. The red looks so pretty...but I just haven't been able to press the "buy" button thinking I'll look like a big apple...


@Nataliesgramma , go for it! You'll look fabulous!