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From what I know about pailettes they were used in vintage clothing, maybe in the 50's and 60's?


I think she looks fabulous in this dress, she always does. I think she's one of the best dressed women in the world.


W Magazine


Amal Clooney might be renowned for her luxe, understated style, but this week, she’s been turning things up several notches. After dazzling at The Fashion Awards in golden Versace earlier this week, Clooney dipped back into her rolodex of pailettes for an appearance in Seattle, Washington on Thursday.


The human rights lawyer and activist, with husband George by her side, stepped out to a screening of The Boys In The Boat in a show-stopping look from 16Arlington.


Clooney’s midi dress, from the London label’s spring/summer 2024 collection, was lined with dozens of circular cherry red pailettes. The tank top-style neckline was fairly simple and allowed the disco details of the ankle-length dress to take center stage.



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This is the Versace dress (mentioned in the article) she wore for the British Fashion Awards.



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Nothing less than gorgeous and I don't even like the color red!

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She always looks great & has wonderful taste. She seems to be in a pailette kind of mood (for the holidays?) lately. 

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Everything looks good with her arm candy.
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I really like both dresses and I too am not a fan of red dresses.
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I think Amal is elegant and I like that she is a human rights lawyer. I like George too. I think she looks beautiful in these outfits. 

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I like Amal in the golden Versace dress~~~Heart

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She's really built for clothes, is a knockout and is a brilliant barrister.



oh and her husband is a great accessory 

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Such a classic beauty!  Stunning!