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Re: Recs for shapewear please

Thanks so much everyone for your great suggestions !


I was in a real hurry today, so I stopped into Soma & Dillards.   Dillards had the style & size that I needed.  It's the TC brand & it's comfy, easy to put on & the price was not as high as Soma.    I do wish there was a smidge more tummy control, but I took the dress with me, thanks to your help & this shapewear does the trick!   I realized by trying it on with the dress & sitting down, that I really needed the short leg, not the longer ones.  That would have been a fashion malfunction for sure!    YAY!   


Thanks again for your help.   Each of you gave terrific suggestions!

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Re: Recs for shapewear please

I'm glad you were able to find something that will work for you. Wear that dress with confidence!