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i scored a beautfiful top the other day,  a very rich looking POnte with genuine leather on the sleeves.  It's really gorgeous.  It holds you in a it is a good weight.  Now I need to find a pair of pants that are equally as nice.  Any brand recommendations? It does not have to be a Q brand nescessarily. I'm looking for a slim leg preferably.

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I highly recommend these pants by Dmitry -- now on clearance.  I have both the grey and black and they are really nice ponte.  A264699

Project Runway by Dmitry Sholokhov Slim Leg Ponte Knit Pull-on Pants

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I think JJill and Eileen Fisher have very nice ponte.  What's the brand name of your ponte they have a ponte pant?  Would you consider leather...I have never owned any clothes in leather and never will, but it might look good with the leather sleeves?

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I bought some outstanding ponte pants at Macy's last season. INC brand. They got some in again this year and I believe there are different leg styles to chose from. You can probably jump online and check them out.


I also bought some nice ponte pants at Kohl's too. Not as outstanding in fabric quality as the INC ones but decent nonetheless. They are a slim leg.

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i bought 2 pair of ponte pants (black and winter white) last season at chicos.  5 pocket styling and an excellent weight.  i don't know whether they will carry them this year, but you could always check.

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I really liked the ones suggested here at the Q, but no talls???  Boo.