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I've been retired a few years so my daily around the house "real" outfits haven't changed during the pandemic. Depending on the weather I wear jeans or shorts with nice tees, and if it's cold a hoodie or knit/fleece jacket. I also have a few pairs of knit pants. I could go out and run an errand and look perfectly fine and put together. 

Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I am looking forward to returning to church soon and dressing up more by wearing tailored trousers, nice blouses, cardigans, dresses, etc. 

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@BriggsiePeawiggle wrote:

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@BriggsiePeawiggle, I think that the phase "day pajamas" in you post is a misnoner. What you describe is more what I think of as casual dressing. I wear jeans and t-shirts or sweaters pandemic or no pandemic.

EXACTLY!!!  I just used the term "day pajamas" as a joke. I guess some people thought I was actually wearing pajamas for a year. Smiley LOLSmiley LOLSmiley LOL


I understood you. I call daywear that feels & moves like pajamas "soft clothes". My "hard clothes" include any garment that restrict my bending, reaching, or sitting in any way.