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Re: Rachel & Louis

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Formula Qvc, Implemented back in the day, Now lost in translation. Sign of the times we are living in. Society has lost touch with basic manners 101. Madam Emily Post, Probably experience distress over the lack of consideration for values and respect & proper protocols. Mean after all, Host who shall remain nameless has invented a language of her own gibbish; Think to myself, Oh my.
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In my opinion, the Q is lucky to have Louis. I hope that Rachel was reprimanded for her bizarre behavior, but sadly, I doubt that she was because we see this type of behavior again and again.   

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I recorded the show to watch when I got home and wasn't expecting her to host so unfortunately had to fast forward when she started up.  At that hour she must have forgotten to take a chill pill.

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Louis Dell Olio is QVC's best designer. Rachel stepped on his words throughout hurrying him along.  Carolyn was much more gracious.  Louis is well spoke and I love to hear his descriptions of his clothing.  

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Re: Rachel & Louis

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Several Linea Fans were not happy that Rachel implied in a Blog she wrote about her trip to NYC (Sept. 27th) that someone other than Louis does the designs, fabric selection etc for Linea -


" In fact, Elaine Lai produces clothes for several brands including Linea by Louis Dell’Olio, Quacker Factory, and Joan Rivers. Each piece goes through multiple steps before we see the finished product. There’s a sketch, color decisions, fabric selections, body creation, pattern making, sample production, specification adjustments, and production (this is a loose translation…lol). All of those steps are necessary for every single garment!!! Now you know why pieces take at least 3 ½ months to come back in stock! "

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Didn't see the show with Louis, but just saw the show with Dennis B.  Rachel would not let him talk!!!  She kept cutting him off and spoke very teacher-like to him. Almost as if she was reprimanding him!  Did not enjoy the show....