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I have had a non productive day but that is ok.,I did run errands with v..he needed a cord from Home Depot and prescriptions from Target..I was along for the ride..


ribs are are in the crockpot for dinner...I ordered the barefoot dreams cardigan..think it will be good here when I get chilled. MY SWEATERS ARE too heavy for the mildly cool temps we have. I ordered a cotton jacket from Eddie Bauer that I love.


Linda..glad dh was doing better. Being in administration can be tough because one has to tell others what to do in a nice way. Glad he could talk to dd. I think iras are a good way to go..I have some investments in one.


claudi?.i would think those planes would go for a good price. It sounds like Tt is doing better..pepper was on a form of tramadol when she hurt her knee. 


M ended up buying another pair of the expensive tap shoes in a smaller size, which seem to fit Syd perfectly. She was able o use her fund raiser money to cover it.


I have no pain today..the back is good. This is a good thing sine I am 10 days from my infusion.


hope you are both having a good day.

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I took R on errands. First stop- the jewelry store to get the rings checked and keep them under warranty. Then it was on to the vet for TT's refill. I'll be back there Tuesday for the tramadol. There's a 3 day waiting period. Then on to get the dog food and get on the list for farm milk it is no longer delivered to the health food store in town. We drove back through town to a small market for a whole chicken. That was dinner tonight. R is still having problems so will be calling the clinic first thing Monday.


I hope you like the sweater, Barbara. I'm glad you have no back pain. That's a really good thing. It's great the fundraiser money covered the cost of the shoes.


Not much was accomplished today except errands and yard cleanup. I hope the rest of your day went well.


Linda, hope you had a good day.

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Good Evening!  Glad your back is better today, Barbara.  I hope that you like the sweater.  I have not tried that brand, but I heard that it is nice.  Good about Syd's shoes being covered.  I'm sure that dance and dance clothing/shoes are not inexpensive.  At least Syd really enjoys it.  


Sorry R isn't doing too well, Claudia.  Hope the auction items sell well, and TT is better soon.


I'm running pretty slow today, but I guess that is okay.  Took my walk, and then visited DH and fed him lunch.  He was pretty sleepy, and I stayed longer than normal since I did not plan to come back later.  As it turned out, I did go back later since the OLLI party was shorter than I expected.  It was a nice party -- plenty of food, and good conversation.  DH was okay when I returned, but his eyes were bothering him.  By the time I left, he was better.


Need to get back to the laundry and my financial stuff.  From what I read, it seems that Prescott is quite a bit cooler than here, so I'm trying to find my warmest clothing, etc.  I really don't like being cold.  


Sleep well!