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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHoLIcS. Week of Jausry 28

I'm so sorry to hear that R is back in the hospital again, Claudia.  He (and you) really don't seem to be able to get a break.  Hopefully, he will be better soon, and you can take a little time to relax and care for yourself.


Also sorry you aren't feeling better, Barbara.  Hope the doctor's visit on Monday helps.


DH was sleepy this morning, and his eyes were bothering him quite a bit.  It is so difficult to feed him when his eyes are shut.  Anyway, I asked the caregiver for his drops, and he was better after that.  Then, he was sleepy again.  I remember that he had all sorts of eye issues before he went there, and the eye doctor didn't have much to suggest but compresses.  I tried that, but the drops did a better job.  The caregiver told me that he was very bad in the morning, and they put the drops in then as well.


After my visit, I went for a short walk -- nice weather.  But, now I have lots of laundry to do, etc.


Fingers crossed things go better for both of you, and everyone sleeps well.





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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHoLIcS. Week of Jausry 28

Sorry about the anemia, Barbara. R has had it off and on. During his time at St. Vincent's he had 2 blood transfusions and 1 iron infusion.


Hope fully he will be discharged soon. Then he needs scheduled with the specialist for an endoscope. Seems like the esophagus is not in great shape and ulcers are back.


5 am and wouldn't you know I grabbed his rattiest old sweatshirt when I got him dressed.


Linda, I'm glad the eyedrops help. I'm sure it's challenging to feed your DH when he keeps his eyes closed.


24° degrees here. Expecting snow tomorrow.