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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLiCS -- Week of March 8th

It was sunny today but windy so it was in the mid 40'such of the day. I had to pick up 2 garbage cans that blew over. We went to the car dealership to pick up the tire dealer that goes with the air compressor ( that replaced the traditional spare tire). We then had breakfast at a nearby bakery/cafe.


School has been cancelled state wide and I see the YMCA daycare is closed too. I heard Wegmans closed this evening and overnight to clean and restock. I hope to go up early tomorrow to get R's favorite apples (if I can) and more cat litter.


It's a very good idea to stay home as much as possible, Barbara. As Linda said, I would not be surprised if Sydnie's school closes. So many others are doing so. The pandemic probably caused M to feel even more stressed. I hope Amie can help.


Linda, I'm glad your DD had a nice birthday. Also glad you and Jo Ann enjoyed lunch.

It's a shame you'll miss church but not surprising. Fingers crossed the situation is better in a few weeks. Congratulations on finally getting the toilet paper! I hope DGS's interview goes well.

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLiCS -- Week of March 8th

Good afternoon...I have accomplished some things today. I think I told you that I have decided to be asocial for a am making sure that I have enough books to read. I cannot knit so that is out. I have both Amazon prime and Netflix for entertainment too.  I think we will take a couple of road trips to look at wildflowers. Pepper loves to ride in the car.


i think things are calmer in Mn...m tends to be very negative and that makes it difficult. 

nothing else to report. 🐸🐸

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLiCS -- Week of March 8th

Good Afternoon/Evening!  Glad you are getting things done and lined up for a more asocial life, Barbara.   I have plenty of books including one that arrived today.  One of the OLLI teachers highly recommended it, and won all sorts of awards ("The Swerve"), but I have two other books to read first.  Of course, I have all sorts of programming to watch like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., etc.  Road trips sound fun.


Hope Wegman's was open and you got what you wanted, Claudia.  Also hope your weather was okay as well as R and your furbabies being okay.


Things continue to be crazy around here.  Someone on the local "bulletin board" (Nextdoor) said that Sprouts had no wipes for the carts because people were coming in and taking bags of them away.  I did notice the lack of wipes yesterday, but....


My ex BIL turns 80 soon, and I was texting with his son to get his address, etc.  Turns out that his ex wife is in very bad shape -- rehab after pneumonia.  So, I decided to go out to the dollar store to purchase "get well" cards for her and my Turkish neighbor.  There was a sign on the door saying they were out of many things people want like toilet paper, disinfectants, etc., but were hoping for a shipment on Tuesday.  


Since it wasn't far to Wal Mart, I walked down to see if they had some eggs, etc., and found the store in shambles.  Lots of empty shelves -- flour, beans, eggs, pasta, pizza, etc., etc.  I don't think I have seen a store that empty for many years (after a couple of blizzards in a row in Maryland.)  It was more dramatic since Wal Mart is so large.  I think panic has set in here.


No more shopping for a while -- I'll just live with what I have.  More activities have been canceled, and I am doubtful that the senior lunch program will go on as usual -- but I hope so.


I walked up to the library, and it was quite nice outside -- not hot or cold.  Loving the sun and fresh air.


Hope both of you sleep well.






P.S. DH's DD posted a short video on FB about her daughter in lockdown in Spain.  Someone asked, and she said that she is not interested in coming home now -- stubborn.  At least she isn't in a high risk group.





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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLiCS -- Week of March 8th

I'm glad you've lined up things to occupy the time, Barbara. We're fortunate that both dogs like car rides even though it's usually to the vet or groomer. Griffyn got car sick till he was about 10 months old. What a nightmare that was. It's good things are better in MN.


Besides schools the library and YMCA have closed here including the YMCA daycare. What a mess for both parents who work.


R offered to drive to Wegmans so we set out at 6:30 when it was still dark. On the way we spotted a fix crossing the road. We got to Wegmans at 7. It wasn't packed but there were a number of people there. No tp, very limited paper towels, no sanitizer wipes, limited meat, eggs, and water. I was able to get R's  apples. Only Red Delicious and it has to be Wegmans. Later I got bananas at Aldi's. They had a few packages tp  but were out of butter. I made a quick stop at Wal-Mart as it was nearby. I saw they were out of ramen noodles. Not that I wanted any. While there they were putting out a small shipment of tp. I'm sure that disappeared quickly. Eggs were gone along with most of the butter and bread limited along with water. Pasta was also scarce or non existent. Pizza too.


I'm very glad I was able to refill R's medicines early on. R thought I was over reacting but I had this gut  feeling and I've learned to follow it.


While cleaning up the yard I discovered Tippy the Terrible has been digging a hole beside the fence. Miss Curious evidently wants to check out the neighbors. I filled it and we'll be keeping an eye on her. Years ago when we had our husky I had to check the fence line daily.


At least your DH's granddaughter isn't a high risk group. Still it's probably worrying to her family.


I am wondering if R's reunion will be cancelled. Almost everyone is over age 60. Some in their late 80's.


Tomorrow I plan to call my cat sitter  and see if she needs anything.