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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs week of March 17

R enjoyed the concert. We had enough leg room this time. Thank goodness there was approximately 6' between our seats and the ones in front of us. Partway through my cane fell (I took it because I wasn't sure how far away we'd have to park). If the seats had been closer it would have hit the man in front of us. 


Tip has lost 3 bottom front teeth. I see the new ones coming in. I had to move the mat in front of the tv because she was chewing it. I'll probably add it to the garbage.


I'm sure M and Syd will be glad to be home at least for a bit, Barbara. Fingers crossed Syd gets some work there.


Linda, I hope the luncheon or high tea went well  the snow has mostly melted. There was some ice on the sidewalk near the pub where we had dinner. I was especially careful.


I managed to get online and do the taxes. We're getting a larger refund than last year mainly because I did not change witholdings. One lump sum and it can be put toward remodeling. If it was added monthly income R would spend it too easily.